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O.J. – 15 Year Minimum

oj-simpsonI’d really like to think that masses of people aren’t convinced that justice is finally being served, but I imagine I’m wrong.

Julius – ain’t that a bitch?

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A Fright Nite Full Of Spite

Think you’ll see anyone dressed up as Sarah P, Barack O, or Crypt-Keeper John M for Halloween this year? I can only imagine how many people think that’s going to be cute and original. However, if there was a Sarah Palin costume party that was kind of like a drag show then I’d probably be all about it. With just a little bit of time left to still change it up a bit, there may be some different, yet still politically charged icons who will make your Halloween a success – and you won’t have to cut someone else for wearing the same red dress.

How about Eliot Spitzer, Senator Larry Craig, or Condie?  You could have a lot of fun with any of those.

As a related note, I’d personally stay away from anything related to mocking OJ b/c I’m never surprised at how many people I know who are passionate about his situation from both sides of the spectrum.

Remember to have fun, be safe, and always double check your candy…

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