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Apple, You Might Have Real Competion

More and more is coming about the Palm Pre and yes, Apple might be showing up with a new iPhone but in the meantime, the Pre could really be a competitor. Once you add the “App Store” type functionality AND then make it compatible with iTunes, you’ve closed a major gap right there. Here’s some information I stumbled across on CNET:

CARLSBAD, Calif.–In one of the more anticipated chats at D: All Things Digital, Palm Executive Chairman Jon Rubinstein showed off the Palm Pre and talked about several features of the smartphone for the first time.

Rubinstein showed how the device can search Amazon’s MP3 store and download songs directly to the device, a feature mentioned at the Pre’s unveiling at CES in January. The Pre is scheduled to go on sale June 6 with a price tag of $199.99, after rebate.

He also showed a “media sync” feature that lets users grab nonprotected media files directly from iTunes without any special software. In addition, the universal search feature will not only search Google and Wikipedia, but also Twitter.


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Check Out This Palm Pre Video

Just awesome, very integrated and user-friendly. Goes on sale June 6 for Sprint. Maybe this is finally the iPhone “killer”. 

Watch it here

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