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Clooney Stocks Up On Listerine…

…among other disinfectants –Alleged NYE Boink


There’s really no appeal from either of these two on my end, yet two wrongs certainly don’t make a right!


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Britney & Benji – Are They Boinkin’?

Don’t the holidays have an amazing way of
allegedly bringing people together? 

Exhibit 1:
A US magazine has reported that Paris Hilton’s former boyfriend (the split just a month ago) Benji Madden who is part of the rock band Good Charlotte is now reportedly dating Britney Spears.

Exhibit 2:
The claims made by In Touch are completely false,” she tells E! News. “There is not an ounce of truth to any of it.”  The claims involve Brit Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, and manager Larry Rudolph creating a whole Circus of potential suitors, Madden, Chace Crawford, Jesse Metcalf and Michael Phelps, among them.

Friend-2-Friend, Brit: 
Hate the game, not the playa!

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Paris Got ‘Got’ In Mulholland Estates 90210

The recession is over for an unknown hero after pulling the oakie-doke on Paris Hilton and bringing home over $2MM of stolen merch.  The L.A. Times reported that the starlet’s Beverly Hills mansion was bamboozled around 5AM on Friday, Dec – 19.


Although robberies are up all over Beverly Hills, I’d like to know alibis for the usual suspects:  Onch, Lauren Conrad, & Richard Simmons

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Gerard Butler Is In A Dark, Dark Place

Guess who’s boinkin’ now?


Give me a second……          I just had that lil yucky throat heave thing going on and I wasn’t even tryin’ this time!  I guess if you need to have a balanced portfolio of skeezer poot for your bar stories then I understand; actually, no I don’t understand and was just trying to give GB the benefit of the doubt.  She even has a redonkulous nickname for him – Dlisted.

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Wonky Eye Defined

1. an eye that does not seem to make eye contact, is deformed, or has poor vision
I have 20/200 vision in my wonky eye, so I’ll never be able to drive.


 Unrelated pic but it made me laugh.




2. one eye that looks totally different from the other, especially in photographs of celebutards.
“in every picture i’ve ever seen of paris hilton, it looks like her wonky eye is trying to eat her face.”


3. an eye that wanders or doesn’t look in the same direction as the other
That girl has a wonky eye. Where is she really looking?



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Paris Hilton Music 2.0

Yeah, she’s gone and done it again – another record anyway. It seems she just put the finishing touches on her second release and is going the euro-pop route, and she claims to have written all the songs. The releasing record label is pending but to satiate your thirst, click here to listen to a song from her first “release”.

Are you excited? Maybe we can “Onch” it up a bit and then you’ll get more excited! Look for him/her around the 1:30 mark. 

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Love Lost – Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Call It Quits


Apparently, Benji is now in the Friend Zone,
and Onch is on the rebound for either of the two – TTYN!

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Virgin Mary? More Like Refurbished Mary!


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