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Paula Abdul Sings Well While Dancing

Paula, really, why bother? It’s a singing competition, can’t you at least sing a bit of it live? How embarrassing. 

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Paula “Nutcracker” Abdul

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‘American Idol’ Mixes It Up for ’09

According to a memo that’s been circulating around FOX, a few changes are going to be made for the 123rd season of American Idol. Some of those being:

  • For the semifinal round, “American Idol 8” will have 36 instead of 24 contestants
  • The audition episodes will be reduced while the pre-semifinal Hollywood round episodes will be increased
  • The wild card round will return, giving eliminated contestants the chance to compete for one of the top 12 finalist spots
  • The show’s focus on “bad singers” will be minimized
  • “Idol Gives Back,” the show’s charity telethon, will not air this year.
  • The memo also revealed that “there will be a couple of more 2-hour shows than in the past” and that the series’ “promotional thrust will have fewer bad singers and more ‘aspirational’ singers.”
  • Although the memo says no Thursday episodes are planned, the show will have the “same overall number of hours as last year,” but with some changes to those episodes’ focus. 
  • Season eight will likely have four episodes, since two episodes air every week and the memo says “there will be 3 weeks of auditions and 2 weeks of Hollywood rounds.” 
  • One less week of auditions

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FSBO 5BR, 5BA, Ghost, FP, & HDW

It’s one thing to have a ghost in your crib, but it’s entirely something else when it resembles the valium-nista herself. 


“Paula simply feels she has outgrown her house… And given the recent public disclosure of her address, it seemed time that she move into a gated community,” a spokesperson for Abdul has told Us Weekly.

My thoughts: A gate ain’t no thang but a challenge, boo.

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Dear Paula – TTYN

Paula Abdul had a very, very loyal fan (some would have considered her a little over possessive) and unfortunately something happened. 

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