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Britney’s ‘Circus’ Comes To New Awlins

Did I write that correctly? I guess so, according to the Urban Dictionary you shouldn’t say it as one word and nor should you saw it as “New Orleeeeeeans”. So there you go!

Back to the post. Below is extended footage of Britney’s new tour opening tonight (March 3) in NO, it looks colorful, action-filled, and all that stuff. The only thing I want to know is this: IS SHE SINGING LIVE? If not, it’s just a fancy dance recital and any good dance troupe with the proper money could do that shit. Once I find out, I shall let you know. 

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Lady Gaga Gets Her Shiz Together

You know, we have a personal experience trying to watch Lady Gaga perform, and she totally stiffed us!  Since that time, every time I see her I just spit a little and curse her name. Maybe it’s because she shows such promise, has all of the elements of a diva-in-the-making, or maybe it’s just because I stood in a straight bar with a bunch of drunk ho-bitches running into me only to be left with one-and-a-half songs and a bad hangover.

Either way, it’s nice to see she’s got herself together – it seems. Watch her perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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2008 Smut Awards – Highlight Of The Year!

There’s no time to waste as the 2008 Scandalist Awards voting is currently underway.  The hours on end of ‘year in review’, ‘who’s bankrupt now?’, and ‘who’s boinking who?’ VH1 shows are one of my fondest holiday events.  Get in on the action, proactively!!!


Here are some of my favorite categories/nominees so far:





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Britney Shows Us Her ‘Circus’

30-seconds of Britney’s new video, the title track from her upcoming release, Circus. Can you dig it?

Do you want more? Soon.

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Why Do Gays Protest? Because We’re People!

When people say, “You lost, why don’t you just shut up about it?” or “It will happen in time, maybe it’s just too soon”, I give you this video and maybe this will help you understand.

Thanks to Perez for posting this video.

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