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Mormon Thievery

Much has been voiced about the discrimination of the approval of Proposition 8 in California, but maybe you’re like me and were really surprised the vote came down to such a close percentage spread. 

Since then, I’ve been wondering how could it have passed…?  Here’s an interesting theory, Mormon Thievery & Oppression.

In short, the site above summarizes the efforts of the Mormon Church to lead a feet on the street, propaganda, and fear based campaign to sway voters to pass Prop 8.  (Additionally, the site goes on into explaining the positioning, history, and agenda of the Mormon Church, which I always think is good info to review from time to time, so I know who it is that is knocking on my door, riding around my neighborhood on a bike, etc.)

Controversy without recourse…?  NO!  According to the IRS, groups such as the Mormon Church can lose their tax exempt status if they participate in the actions, summarized above. 

If you’re a California resident, there’s an online petition that you can use to express your support for rallying to amend the tax laws towards the Mormon Church.  If you’re not a CA resident then keep an eye out for similar efforts in your area. 

Finally, if you haven’t already seen enough on this subject, there are a few interesting videos for you after the jump.

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End Japan’s Cruel Dolphin Hunts

August 28, 2008

Copyright Sea Shepherd

Every year between September and April thousands of small whales and dolphins are brutally killed off the shores of the Japanese coastal towns of Taiji and Futo. In what are known as “drive” hunts, fishermen in these towns drive pods of dolphins towards shore and kill them using crude, inhumane methods.

Every aspect of these hunts is extremely cruel, from the exhausting drive from the open ocean that can separate family groups, to confinement in a netted cove where the dolphins are trapped and stabbed. Some young dolphins are spared this terrible fate, only to be sold into captivity – they spend the rest of their lives in small tanks in aquariums and marine parks where they are used for public display.

Government authorities in Japan know that the world will not tolerate the killing of these beautiful animals, and they go to great lengths to hide these hunts from public view. Fishermen even put up tarps behind which the dolphins are slaughtered, and people are barred from filming and photographing the bloody hunts.

Take Action

Urge the Japanese government to stop these cruel dolphin drive hunts immediately. Let the Japanese government know that they cannot hide these inhumane hunts from the public, and join the growing global community in calling for an end to these hunts.

Take action now >>

Protest for Dolphins

Dolphin advocates around the world will unite for the 5th annual Japan Dolphin Day – an international day of protest against Japan’s bloody dolphin drive hunts.

The Boston protest will be held at noon on Friday, September 5th, and WSPA’s US office will coordinate the event. Speak out for dolphins and show your support by participating in an event near you. Read more >>

© Photo copyright Sea Shepherd Society



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