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Beauty Is A Click Away, The Deception Continues

See the pics below? Well, they’re from a creation called the “beauty machine” or something to that effect, and it can basically take your picture and make you look (more) beautiful based on many fancy, technical, mathematical, algorithms, etc. So people can now have even more reasons distort their true appearances and when meeting someone from online you can still have the frightening pleasure of feeling duped. Gotta love it! Note: Do you notice in all of the pics the lips are plumper? So if you got em, flaunt em!


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Lifelike Photoshop

I must admit, Elements is the best copyright infringement I’ve ever participated in because this is what Photoshop would look like in real life.¬†


The group that brought my guilty pleasure to life documented their efforts Рcheck out their flickr timeline.

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Change Is Good!

Sign up for the 2012 GOP Book Club!cheese-copy

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Michael and I out and about.

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