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Marco Dapper – Video Slideshow

If you are a fan of this post, check this out below. God is generous huh?


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Red & White Shoes Don’t Work With That Outfit

Fashion is very hard y’all. Red & white shoes or no? *wink*


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Daily Hotness – Marco Dapper

Introducing Marco Dapper, an actor who was in Eating Out 2, no, I didn’t see it either. But no matter, he’s hot as hell and after the jump, you can see a whole lot more of him – needless to say, it’s NSFW and that means NOT SAFE FOR WORK! 

marco-dapper-2 Continue reading

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One of the Hottest Pics Ever

Matthew McConaughey is a cool guy, but how can he seem so stoned all the time and still have such a hot-assed body? I mean, the munchies alone! As usual I digress, so enjoy what I think is one of the hottest pics ever.

Additionally, you can always go here and check out what is an interesting conversation about what he’s packin’, and I don’t think they’re talking about for a trip. Well, unless it’s a trip down the hot pocket aisle, if you know what I’m talkin’ about! He’s what many would consider “balls-deep worthy”. 


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Attention David Beckham Fans

Check out this video I happened to find and if you’re like me, the pic showing at the :21 mark is the hottest. See, I’m a legs guy.

Or, you can watch this even hotter one, after the jump. Continue reading

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If You Scare Easily…

Don’t click on the gift, your retinas might burn! I’ve warned you!


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Quantum of Hotness, Er, I Mean Solace

The new James Bond flick (Quantum of Solace) is coming out in just a few weeks, Nov. 14 to be exact. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a site that compiles reviews and aggregates them accordingly, this should be a good one. And good news for many of you out there, Daniel Craig does appear shirtless in this one too, doing his steely, stone-cold-in-the-eyes action stuff.


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Attention Ryan Reynolds Fans

ryan-reynolds-shirtlessIf you can handle the hotness, watch the video after the jump. If not, DO NOT watch it as I cannot be responsible for any heart conditions gone awry. This post is especially for HG.  Continue reading

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Marcus Patrick Loves To Strip


B. Scott did a little video journal and included in that is a little striptease by none other than Marcus Patrick. I’ve seen Marcus Patrick on various sites and what I can gather is that he’s a shy one. Enjoy the view after the jump. Continue reading

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Attention Dave Annable Fans (Justin Walker)

Earlier I posted something about Brothers and Sisters and a few friends felt some passion for him. Felt. Passion. Uh huh! In the interest of hotness, I decided to post something for you Dave Annable fans out there. 


Click here for some more Monday hotness.

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Sunday Morning Hotness

This is one of the hottest pics (in my Vicoden-hazed opinion) that you’ll ever see. Steve Sandvoss is his name but don’t continue reading if you’re easily offended by the human body in an artistic photograph. *smile* Continue reading

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I Think I Could!

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