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Britney’s ‘Circus’ Singing Was Not Live? My Face Is Registering Shock.

Well, the verdict is in it seems…and as I dreadfully expected, her show last night was all glitz and production, with very little musicality. I guess Perez went and gave a full review that included such tidbits as that she might have recorded some vocals to sound live, but it wasn’t live singing – AT ALL. He was kind of enough to say at least some good stuff, I mean, since he’s back in the good graces of Britney Spears’ camp.

Sadness, shock and surprise. Girl looks hot though.

Read a summary of reviews here

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Lindsay Lohan is a Fat Ass

Stop eating all of those Big Macs, would you please? 

lindsay-lohan-skinnySeriously, I don’t understand how people can say they’re busy or they’re stressed and then they get rail thin…I mean, I get that while some people overeat, others don’t ever seem to eat. But to be that skinny (or to be super-fat), you have to really work at it. What, is she eating a Tic Tac for breakfast and washing it down with sugar-free Red Bull? I could insert the tuna-only diet joke into this post as well, but that would just be plain tacky.

You can read the article here.

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American Idol Produces Bad Hair

Clearly Adam Lambert, a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol, thinks his hair looks good. He has quite a nice face, but somehow ruins it with that hair that says, “Hey, I’m a douche.” Even if he’s not, I have to say this is a strong cry for the ban on “Emo” hair. 



On a broader level, you know that a lot of people who try out are thinkin’ to themselves, “Damn, I got all gussied up and am ready to go to this ho-down and knock their shit out!”

And then they show up with their family-slash-ex-girlfriends/boyfriends to show the judges what they’re working with, while reinforcing my theory that people do in fact buy funhouse mirrors for the home.

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Like Kanye Said, “See You In My Nightmares”


I’ve got to quit eating pizza at 10:30PM

Please don’t feel bamboozled, click here for some Yeezy

I’d like like to add this picture that immediately popped into my head upon seeing Miss Tina’s get-up. – aviewofthec


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Lifelike Photoshop

I must admit, Elements is the best copyright infringement I’ve ever participated in because this is what Photoshop would look like in real life. 


The group that brought my guilty pleasure to life documented their efforts – check out their flickr timeline.

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By Popular Demand: Amy Winehouse, Before and After

It’s amazing really, cause she’s a beautiful girl. Supremely talented, and actually really sweet when I’ve seen her in interviews.

Check this link out and the article from The Daily Mirror. I’m not saying she does drugs, but I’m saying that she looks vastly different and that drugs are bad. No correlation, NONE AT ALL.  

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