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Joel Connelly: Thank You

CB065332If you care about gay rights, you need to read the following column by Joel Connelly of the Seattle PI. It’s painful to read the “Soundoff” section at the bottom of the article because people can be so hateful. But, that’s what free speech affords so I can’t complain. What I can do, however, is continue to champion people who write moving, insightful, and unbiased articles that help important causes that I care about. 

Homophobia is the malaria of societal diseases: It appears to be on the wane but then re-emerges in full fury.

At the polls 30 years ago, Seattle became the first major American city to reject a rollback of ordinances forbidding discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Juiced at turning back chanteuse Anita Bryant, foes of the measure marched past Mormon-owned KIRO-TV, whose president Lloyd Cooney editorialized in support of the rollback.

We’ve supposedly had three decades of social progress. On Tuesday of last week, however, several states voted to impose and re-impose discrimination against one group of Americans.

Arkansas voted a ban on gay couples adopting children. Arizona and Florida approved bans on gay marriage. In the most closely watched contest, California narrowly approved Prop. 8, overturning a California Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage for same-sex couples.

Curiously, these discriminating decisions took place as voters handed the religious right its head elsewhere in the land. Continue reading

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