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The Time Traveler’s Wife – Trailer

For those who love magical romance, this one might be for you. I love Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, so I could be diggin’ this one. Watch it here or after the jump! Continue reading


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Sherlock Holmes Trailer Lands!

Check it out, it looks pretty cool. Robert Downey, Jr., Rachel McAdams (love!), and Jude Law. The movie looks like Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond, and I’m diggin’ it. 

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Hot Gossip – Maybe….

What a day, What a day! I personally have a thing about celebrity couples who film together and then romp together.  Imagine my surprise when a pair of flick-floppers popped up on today’s messiness manifest!

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams – Its Over, Again!


In an article spotlighting Brad & Angelina, and opportunity arose for Angelina and I to finally agree upon something.  Forgive my out of context misquote but she certainly is ‘just a punk’!          (Harper’s Bizarre, Dec 2008)


It’s a relatively slow week given the week’s political excitement; certainly not the spiciest drama ever, but I’ll take what I can get.

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