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Bethenny Frankel’s Dating Tips For 2009

On the Real Housewives of NYC, my favorite Bethenny came up with some new dating tips after realizing that while Ramona’s were sound, but perhaps in a different era. On her blog, she wrote a lot but I thought it would be helpful to share this excerpt for you here.

1) No textual relationships.
Once you’ve launched a relationship, it’s fine, but tell a guy you’re not a textual person and they’ll finally call.

2) Think of your vagina as a vase.
Even if they do die, flowers should be sent when courting.

3) Spend weekends and holidays together.
If you’re not spending weekends and holidays together, he’s not your boyfriend.

4) Let the man be the man.
He chooses the restaurant, he absolutely should pick you up for a date and no matter how far out of his way, he must drop you off.

5) Easy on the booze.
Don’t get wasted on the first date, or your promiscuous side will come right out and you’ll end it before it begins.

6) It always ends up the way it starts.
Remember the first phone call, date, the way he treats you because things always come full circle and don’t waste time.

Check out her blog, it’s always a good read.

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Kelly vs. Bethenny: Round 1

Watch this, it’s quite remarkable. Who do you think won this little battle between Kelly and Bethenny? Watch it at right around the 30 minute mark. 

I had some trouble posting the video, so click here to see it without compromise. 

Here are a few words that Bethenny has about the incident, published on her BravoTV blog

Kelly came onto the show thinking anyone actually gave a crap about her self-anointed fabulosity. Truthfully, none of us care about her superficial lifestyle, so I think my calling her out is something that caught her off guard. Truthfully, she never had anything against me. I had something against her. She is a complete phony and now she has been exposed and her small circle of New York supporters have now turned on her as well. The emperor has no clothes.

I may be harsh, abrupt and rough around the edges, but for God’s sake, I am real.

Kelly’s “journalistic” vocabulary consists of 2 words: foil and inappropriate. Maybe next week she’ll find some new words. I found it amusing that she told me I needed a “time out” and some parenting. I’ve gone 38 years with no parents, and if I decide to adopt some, Kelly isn’t on the candidate list. Jill and Bobby could be my adopted parents. Hell, I’ll adopt Silex before the Kellamity.

I will never be friends with someone inauthentic and disingenuous. I may be harsh, abrupt and rough around the edges, but for God’s sake, I am real. I don’t care how many “Datelineexclusive” sit down interviews you have with Jill Stuart – your saccharin- twirled-hair smile isn’t fooling me.

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Bethenny Frankel From “Real Housewives of NYC” Has A Hot Bikini

bethenny_boobs_11Green is very in this season, do you like?

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When Rosie Met NeNe

From her blog:

just taped rachel ray
met the real housewives of bravo
i am new to this series
i only know atlanta

nay nay
funny as hell
and quite tall
cracked me up


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