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‘Real Housewife’ Lauri Waring, Something Is Different

Lauri Waring is one of the favorite ‘Housewives of Orange County’ even though this last season she had to leave to take care of family troubles. From when I’ve seen her, she seems very real and down-to-earth nice. Yes, she kind of looks very “OC” and maybe even has a tinge of that “South Coast Plaza” look, but overall she seems like a cool chick. 

I find it fascinating how people’s looks change over the years from when they had no money to when they get money. Better hair color, better skin, better clothes, etc. Sometimes they just kind of look “different” and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. So without further adieu, here’s a pic that I found on this site:


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Gretchen of “Real Housewives” Might Be Tellin’ Some Lies

What…a mess! If you watched “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, you probably know that Gretchen denied that she was dating a guy named Jay (a claim lobbed by Tamra) as she was supposedly engaged to Jeff.  The story seemed kind of odd during the reunion for the show and I wasn’t sure that I believed her, even though I was a huge fan of hers. Well, it seems that she might have been lying and here’s the 911 call to prove it. CRAZY!. 

gretchen-rossie-jayRadar Online has the 911 tape, so listen to it here. SKETCHY.

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Battle of the Blonds: It’s Tamra vs. Gretchen

Team Gretchen all the way. I can’t believe I even care.

But I must say, I have never seen one negative thing come from Gretchen and have only seen witchy things come from Tamra. So, who’s side are you on? Watch after da jump. Continue reading

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Shantay You Stay, Gretchen

Vodpod videos no longer available.
She’s just so cute (gold digger allegations and all – which I contest) and Vicki is just a twock

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Real Housewives of OC Blog Awards

Lynne, Gretchen, and Jeana rock, the rest of them are bitches. Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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Gretchen, I Love You

What a cool lady, so smart and level-headed. Read her latest blog here.


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Tamra Coaxes the Crazy Out of Gretchen

Watch the lead-up to what Bravo would like us to believe is truly “bad behavior” from Gretchen, widely-regarded as the favorite “Housewife.” Tamra is trying to get her drunk and it reminds me of the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for.” 

Check it here

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Vicki and Jeana Throw Down

Ooooh, drama with the Real Housewives of Orange County! Not that I actually care, but I’m pretty much always on the opposite team of Vicki. 

Watch what happens.

Or maybe we can settle this the right way.

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Give This Ditz a Gun – Brilliant!

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, you’ve probably “met” Jeana’s daughter Kara. You know the one who like, totally, um, goes to Berkeley and is like, the only Republican there. Sarah Palin watch out, there’s a new idiot-in-training coming for your title. But since she goes to such a horribly dangerous school, she must need to pack heat, and this video shows us why we should all fear seeing her on campus. She’ll reach for the lipgloss and we’ll lose a testicle – fantastic!

Watch it here: “Give This Ditz a Gun – Brilliant!

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Real Housewives of OC: Tamra’s Morning Routine

Not too different from many people, except the house is much nicer and her “twins” are much rounder. But props to Tamra for keeping the nanny off camera.

Watch here:  “Real Housewives of OC: Tamra’s Mornin…

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Real Housewives of OC – Let The Drama Begin!

real-housewives-oc-vickiDoes anyone care about Vicki? Still, I guess it’s sad that her marriage seems to be wasting away and heck, maybe that’s why she’s so frigid. Chicken or the egg, which came first?

Watch it here.  Or watch the ladies at lunch here. I kind of like the new girl, Gretchen. Gold-digger or no?real-housewives-oc-gretchen


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When Rosie Met NeNe

From her blog:

just taped rachel ray
met the real housewives of bravo
i am new to this series
i only know atlanta

nay nay
funny as hell
and quite tall
cracked me up


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