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Heidi & Spencer Weren’t Tortured, America Weeps

If you’ve been watching I‘m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, you know that Heidi and Spencer have made a mockery of the whole experience. Sadly for them, it shows more than 3-sentence scenes and it ended up making them look completely ridiculous and delusional. On The Hills, they could get by with playing their characters, giving pensive looks, villainous snarls, etc. 

Then came news they were returning after quitting several times, and in order to return they were stuck inside a little cave with creepy crawlies abound, but shortly thereafter Heidi (the one with pretty hair) had to go to the hospital. Then more crap surfaced and the word “torture” was used. Having said that, you know that in their eyes torture is probably just having to stare at each other without the prospect of buying new shoes or having a Pinkberry. Well, now their publicist clarifies:

“There have been many reports that surfaced over the weekend regarding Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Many of these reports are false and inaccurate, including any reports of ‘torture’ on the show,” the rep tells Us.

Don’t you wonder what Jesus thinks? He’s probably like, “Hell no, I don’t want you two bitches.”

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Denise Richards’ Funbags – Nutritious!

What exactly is Denise Richards known for? Well, this video tells you! Enjoy. 

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The ‘Amazing Race’ Host Has Made It To His Next Pitstop, A Gym

This is one of those “who knew?” situations where you’re watching a tried-and-true beloved reality show and you can’t believe what you’ve just seen. It’s a pause-your-TiVo moment. 

Anyway, the contestants on The Amazing Race had to run a mile or so in the freezing cold, and to introduce the roadblock, our normally conservative host Phil showed us what he’s workin’ with. Not bad Phil, not bad at all! 

phil-keoghan-amazing-race1It’s like opening a Christmas gift! 

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The Phone – Timberlake & MTV

Did you know about JT’s newest jaw dropper? 
April 21st on MTV – Move over Dance Biscuits!

Favorite Politically Incorrect Semi-Related Punchline:  “The phone goes ‘green-green’, I ‘pink’ it up, and say ‘yellow’ this is Mujabe!”

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Gas Station Beat Down!

My favorite part of this excerpt from Bad Girls is right at the 54 second mark when there is a front to back seat slapfest going on and the girl driving the car is looking back, sending a text, and has just one hand on the wheel.  My second favorite part is a toss up between the bare feet juno kicks and once again, the driver just chillin’ out in the front seat as if gas station brawls are an everyday event. 

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Homeland Security On ABC

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Intriguing & Practical – I think I like it!
It starts midseason, whenever that is….?

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Speaking of Dallas From The Amazing Race…

Remember when these Dallas pics hit the internet but weren’t censored? Well, you probably know they were yanked because he was supposedly under 18 when they were taken – but many people suggest that the stamp on the camera indicates the camera’s age, and that would make Dallas 19 at the time of the photo. But really, who cares? While he looks good all over (yes, I’ve seen them), let’s just appreciate what we can legally see, shall we? And Starr, you’re one lucky biatch.

dallas-2-amazing-race1   dallas-amazing-race1

Click here for a still-censored-but-showing-a-bit-more-skin picture but I’m hearing that allegedly, supposedly, possibly, the uncensored pic is here.

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A Little Baby Momma Drama On NBC

Being plugged as “The Most Anticipated Show of the Year” is a bit of a stretch, and I may just have to “Call Goldberg -800 600 6014” to see if I can’t scratch up a little Truth in Advertising Settlement against Momma’s Boy to hold me over for 2009!

Khalood Bojanowski is the epitome of nicesty.  She’s lucky that this show was on NBC and not a spin off of Mean Girls; nothing makes my holiday complete like a good ol’ fashioned BEAT DOWN!  

I’ve got $20 that she’s sportin’ a Palin bumper sticker.

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The Amazing Race Showmance: Dallas & Starr

Amazing Race’s Post Show Hook Up!!!
Dallas & Starr are a couple of sorts…
dallasstarr dallasstarr2

Here’s the quick math on their relationshuns:
She’s got the money +1
He’s got good hair +1
i.e. It’s a tie!

I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars. I’ve been in cheerleading, dancing my whole life and that is one show I’d love to be in. And if Dallas and I don’t work out, I would love to be on The Bachelorette!” – Starr

That’s got to be the most romantic thing I’ve heard
since I was declined by match.com.

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Shifty Binzer Blazes Up @ Pasadena Recovery Ctr

This is not the type of cameo performance you really want to have, but in the most recent episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew a reappearance of Seth ‘Shifty’ Binzer goes up in smoke.  If you’ve ever wanted to see someone smoke some rocks, act a fool on that other thang, or blaze up on the roof of a rehab center then you don’t want to miss th episode that airs Dec 4 ’08. 

As available the video below will be updated:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What they don’t show is the other cast members building a human ladder that ascends to the roof to keep the party going.  I think that’s next week’s episode – like for real!

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