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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Problems

Neither a recession or depression are going to stop the home grown rapid refund tax commercials.  I need my monies in a hurry y’all; please help me decide if I should go to Mo’ Money -OR- Accelerated?

(fyi – monies is a word and I welcome a debate)

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This Is Not An Audition For American Idol

job-fairIt’s a line for a job fair!  Yikes, I say!

I’m gonna clip some coupons this morning and research the application process for fostering some SSNs, I mean well deserving kids. 

All I can say is that if you have a job to go to this morning, ‘don’t F*#k it up!’.

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Feeling the Credit Crunch in Today’s Economy?

Well, now there might be a solution to start your day.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Oh Snarf – How Did I Miss This?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I Need To Get My Roots Done, Can You Spot Me?

Blondes may have more fun, but being a Brunette is cheaper… 

Denver – “I didn’t have any clients Wednesday so I cleaned one of my client’s houses,” said Tatum Taylor, owner of Denver’s Sanuk Studio.  “The gray-haired people still come. They are your bread and butter — they are not going to give it up,” said Taylor. “The ones that were just highlighting for fun cut me out of their budget. They’re doing their own color and they just go longer in between haircuts.”  Color doesn’t come cheap so many salons said their typical blondes were opting for a darker shade so its more low maintenance.

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Another Victim Falls to the Economy


Office Depot on Wednesday said it will close 112 underperforming retail stores in North America during the next three months.

The announcement said the closures would occur in various geographic regions, including 45 in the central U.S., 40 in the Northeast and Canada, 19 in the West and eight in the South. Fourteen more stores would be closed through 2009 as leases expire or other lease arrangements are finalized.

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Oh Snap, NeNe Gets Evicted!

nene1It’s true, It’s true.  NeNe & Greg Leakes were evicted from their Duluth, GA home for being over $6K delinquent in rent payments. 

NeNe provided the following statement in an email regarding her situation and current location:
“It’s none of your business,” she wrote. But she noted that they “are financial able and stable to live where ever we feel fits.”

This only adds to my position regarding the Housewives of Atlanta since the season began:  Atlanta is straight outta Bright Lights, Big City and If Its Glittering – That Shid Ain’t Gold.

Wasn’t NeNe the one who said ‘We gonna set it straight tonight’?  I bet her landlord wishes she’d set it straight.

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Akon – Freedom

Here’s a quick summary of Akon’s new album, Freedom:


All his ballads about street life and/or love are lame

Isn’t his street cred reputation still suspect anyhow?

There are a few tracks that are OK (Right Now, I’m So Paid, & We Don’t Care)

All together, it’s worth the $4 that Amazon has it discounted for today, but it’s not worth much more (ie. we are in a recession y’all).  If you miss today’s special, hit me up offline and we’ll work something out.

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Y’all Selfish!

blackfridaygpssaleWe’re in a recession (or economic downturn, whatever) and here is one of the highlights in today’s Chicago Tribune:

81% of consumers surveyed last week said they panned to shop for themselves during the Thanksgiving weekend, up from 69% last year.

That’s a 12 basis point increase, in the midst of tough times, and I’m not hatin’ whatsoever.  You go and git your Garmin!

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What’s The One Thing This Recession Is Missing…?



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Hey, Let’s Go Shopping!

In light of my most recent post, which got me a little bit riled up, I felt I would be remiss to not post something about the state of the economy as a whole. So here you go!

A day after the Federal Reserve slashed a key interest rate to battle an economic downturn, the government reported Thursday the economy did shrink in the summer, sending the strongest signal yet that a recession may have already begun.

The Commerce Department reported that the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic health, fell at an annual rate of 0.3 percent in the July-September period, a significant slowdown after growth of 2.8 percent in the prior quarter.

The spring activity had been boosted by the $168 billion economic stimulus program, but the economy ran into a wall in the summer as the mass mailings of stimulus checks ended and consumer confidence was shaken by the upheavals on global markets. Consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of the economy, dropped by the largest amount in 28 years in the third quarter.

The classic definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. Many analysts believe the GDP will decline in the current October-December period by an even larger amount and they are forecasting a negative GDP figure in the first three months of next year. Keep reading

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Redundant News Title: Stocks Slump on Recession Fears (CNN)

Uh, recession fears? What has to happen before people admit we’re in a recession? I think we all know someone who has lost their job recently or is about to lose their job (ahem) in the coming weeks or months. But just to inform myself and others of exactly what a recession means, I’ve included some information below. 

Recession: The Newspaper Definition

The standard newspaper definition of a recession is a decline in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for two or more consecutive quarters.

This definition is unpopular with most economists for two main reasons. First, this definition does not take into consideration changes in other variables. For example this definition ignores any changes in the unemployment rate or consumer confidence. Second, by using quarterly data this definition makes it difficult to pinpoint when a recession begins or ends. This means that a recession that lasts ten months or less may go undetected.

Recession: The BCDC Definition

The Business Cycle Dating Committee at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) provides a better way to find out if there is a recession is taking place. This committee determines the amount of business activity in the economy by looking at things like employment, industrial production, real income and wholesale-retail sales. They define a recession as the time when business activity has reached its peak and starts to fall until the time when business activity bottoms out. When the business activity starts to rise again it is called an expansionary period. By this definition, the average recession lasts about a year.

Here is a pic of what I think surely is the breakout profession in the coming months. 

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