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Die Journalism, Die, Die!

I’m sure there’s some talent involved in thinking of your own impromptu questions in a time of semi chaos.  However, I’m not sure if I can rtruly give the people below the benefit of the doubt regarding their post Hudson River interviews.  The fuckery below list at least 8 ridonkulouos questions that made the day as reported by BWE:

8. “Dogs jump out of the way, deer jump out of the way — birds, obviously, can’t do that.” — Chris Matthews

7. “So you’re telling me there was more than one exit on the plane?” — Rick Sanchez

ny plane 2.jpg6. “Did you ever break down and start to cry out of happiness?” – Wolf Blitzer to a survivor

5. “Did this bring any memories, seeing a low-flying airplane?” – Lester Holt to a police officer of some kind.

4. “From what I understand, the sound of birds being sucked into an engine would be unmistakable” – Lester Holt

3. “You’re from Connecticut? Then what are you doing here?” — Random reporter to a female survivor, who clearly was there to catch a flight to Charlotte.

2. “Did it feel like a bird flew into the engine?” — Wolf Blitzy

1. WNBC Reporter: “What was the landing like?” Male Survivor: “Scary as sh*t.

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Rick Sanchez: 1, Michael Goldfarb: 0

What a douche. Michael Goldfarb just made himself and the The McCain campaign look like total idiots, and dishonest idiots to boot! It seems to be commonplace for them (the Republicans) to make sweeping, and I mean SWEEPING, generalizations that seem to be backed by misleading data – if even. This Michael guy is supposedly a high up communications director for the McCain campaign, which makes this almost sad. 

Check out this clip of CNN’s Rick Sanchez calling Goldfarb out for the hypocrisy of hyping a sinister connection between Obama and a guy that McCain funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to, and from there, Goldfarb goes right off the rails, refusing to answer Sanchez’s questions with anything other than intimations. Repeatedly asked to name a second anti-Semite that Obama allegedly “pals around with,” Goldfarb does nothing but issue hollow, Page Six-style intimations. (source)

“We both know who number 2 is.” Classic idiot move. 

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