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Sarah Palin – Wrong Again…

Towleroad– That lipstick on a pig thang isn’t true either. I’d heard that originally Sarah P,Susan Boyles turned down the offer of a makeover.  I hope she likes the new look:


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A Little Baby Momma Drama On NBC

Being plugged as “The Most Anticipated Show of the Year” is a bit of a stretch, and I may just have to “Call Goldberg -800 600 6014” to see if I can’t scratch up a little Truth in Advertising Settlement against Momma’s Boy to hold me over for 2009!

Khalood Bojanowski is the epitome of nicesty.  She’s lucky that this show was on NBC and not a spin off of Mean Girls; nothing makes my holiday complete like a good ol’ fashioned BEAT DOWN!  

I’ve got $20 that she’s sportin’ a Palin bumper sticker.

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Colin Powell ‘Called In Gay’ On Wednesday

Maybe he didn’t go that far, but I am pleased to see Mr. Powell continue to progress.  Is he still considered a Republican?  He surprised many earlier this year when he officially supported Obama for President and now he is sharing his opinion that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ should be reevaluated. 

Additionally, he discusses the polarizing effects of Sarah Palin-like politics on the Republican Party and the considerations that will have to be addressed if the party is going to redefine itself. 

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Good Idea > Bad Idea

Good Idea:
Repositioning the Republican Party to better align with modern values and beliefs.

Bad Idea:
The Face of 2012

Huckabee, Palin top list of 2012 GOP contenders, poll says.

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Join Me In Boycotting Turkey & K-Mart This Thanksgiving

kmartThe turkey part is obvious but I’m rather certain that Sarah Palin will having something to do with the latter as well.  Anyhow, who really needs to go to K-Mart on Thanksgiving?  They’ll be open if you absolutely have to go, but shouldn’t we protest on behalf of the people who have to deal with the blue light special drama every other day of the year?  Give them a break!

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Palin Pardons A Turkey

I know it’s not Sarah Palin’s fault, but it’s just so disgusting and kind of an interesting metaphor for her personality. As she does the “pardon a turkey” duty in her home state, others are slaughtered. Blech. 

Don’t watch if you can’t stand the gore, and I couldn’t watch it. Continue reading

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Pop Champagne For Barack Campaign


I love a good remix too! This one’s just alright…

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Breakfast With Barack!

General Mills is really launching a Wheaties box with Barack as a sponsor; every morning of the campaign was christened with a bowl full during the election.  


In related news, Sarah Palin has volunteered to help President Elect Obama by creating a PSA dedicated to the importance of putting the cereal in the bowl before the milk!

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God Says “NO!”

In a recent interview with Fox News, Sarah Palin describes a conversation she had with God regarding her 2012 plans.  View the complete transcript here!

Could the caption below explain it any better?


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Palin Would Love to Help Obama


I bet Sarah Palin would love to “help” Obama and I sincerely would like to see a whole lot of “it takes a village” type of action going on in Washington – all with the common interests of Americans and the challenges that face us all right now. Palin is someone to watch for sure, and her chutzpah does impress me, but then she says stuff like this and it confirms my doubts about her:

About William Ayers, she says: “If anybody still wants to talk about it, I will,” she said. “Because this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had campaigned to blow up, to destroy our Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol. “That’s an association that still bothers me, and I think it’s fair to still talk about it,” she continued. “However, the campaign is over. That chapter is closed. Now is the time to move on and make sure all of us are doing all that we can to progress this nation.”

Sarah Palin responds to her critics’ attacks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and then later on “Larry King Live.” I wonder if the Republican pundits turning on her will make her go Dem? Once you go Dem, you don’t go back – I just wanted to say that. Click here to read the rest of the article.

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How Quickly They Turn

I find it really interesting that now that John McCain has lost the election, FOX News now is turning on Sarah Palin, and turning on her hard. In this video, they not only make themselves look like total hypocrites because they pushed so hard for her and defended her with regards to her readiness, but they are also just flat-out trashing her. Does anyone else find this to be odd, to say the least?

As with anything else on this channel, I have to wonder what their angle is…is it to clear the Republican reputation that they feel she diminished? Who really is to blame?

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Bust A Presidential Groove


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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A Formal Expression of a Wish (a.k.a VOTE)

Who do you wish for to win? The Tin Man or the Scarecrow? We all know Dorothy is crazy.

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John McCain: “Dick, don’t ask – don’t tell, so STFU!”

John McCain is getting Dick Cheney’s endorsement, lucky him eh? That’s pretty funny. Since I like to think in analogies, that would be like me being called an amazing artist by a friend with horrendous taste. Or when one of your friends tries to set you up with someone and that person is completely busted, you have to wonder, does my friend think I’m completely busted too? But again, I digress. Here’s what went down:

At an event in Laramie, Wyoming, on Saturday, Vice President Dick Cheney said he will cast his ballot for the McCain-Palin ticket.

“This year, of course, I’m not on the ballot, so I am here … not to vote for me, but I want to join daughter Liz, who is with me today, join us in casting … our ballots for John McCain and Sarah Palin.”

Obama started his day with a morning rally in Henderson, Nevada, and later moves on to Pueblo, Colorado, and Springfield, Missouri.

In prepared remarks for the rally in Pueblo, Obama lashed out at the Cheney endorsement.

“I’d like to congratulate Sen. McCain on this endorsement because, he really earned it. That endorsement didn’t come easy,” according to the remarks. “George Bush may be in an undisclosed location, but Dick Cheney’s out there on the campaign trail because he’d be delighted to pass the baton to John McCain.”

Obama continues, “He knows that with John McCain, you get a twofer: George Bush’s economic policy and Dick Cheney’s foreign policy. But that’s a risk we cannot afford to take.”

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HS3, The Alternate Version


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