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Star Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

They so silly; LaLa G this is for you!

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Can You Name That Rump?


Click Here To See If You Were Right!

Click Here To See Something Overly Inappropriate,
Even For The Web – Ick!

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What…. A Mess!

Does the above title read like Chelsea Handler?  I’m secretly working on my delivery skills b/c if worse comes to worse I’m going to dress like her and panhandle down by Pike Place Market in 2009.

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Ciara Vs. Sasha

Ciara must have a death wish; I ponder if this isn’t really K-Rowland’s masterful plot at work behind the scenes…


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Kate Walsh Is Dancing Like Sasha & Shane!

(But aren’t we all?)
Anyhow, it’s SPLITSVILLE for Alex & Kate!


Honestly, the picture above was taken just two weeks prior to Alex filing the papers.  Can’t you just see the contempt, malice, and disgust for one another in their eyes?  I had to look away!

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Shane Mercado, Watch Out Gurl!

First we had Shane Mercado doing “Single Ladies” and then we had a slew of imitators. Well, now it’s on to Britney’s “Circus”. 

Props to the guy for maximizing his efforts by using a light switch, the shower, and his ability to yank his clothes off quickly. Shane, you might have competition of the wet variety. 

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Sasha Fierce – Diva

It’s like a female version of A Millie!
Where you at Shane Mercado?

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New iTunes Releases for 11/18/08

There’s a few good ones for sure, including most notably: Beyonce/Sasha Fierce, David Cook, and Ani DiFranco.

Music Review Beyonce  david-cook

I’m listening to Beyonce and after the initial preview I knew I must have it. I’m not a huge fan of her music, although I do think she’s multi-talented, for some reason I just haven’t been turned on to her music since she was in DC. 

Here’s a quick review from Billboard:

Beyoncé devoted half of the tracks on this double-disc set to her feisty alter ego Sasha Fierce (think “Single Ladies”). But, it’s the classic, more timeless R&B songs on the “I Am” portion of the album that seem like a much-welcomed stretch for the singer. Lead single “If I Were a Boy” is the first taste of Beyoncé’s newfound love for powerful ballads. On “Halo” she sings in a lower register than usual over big drums and an epic piano pattern and belts emotively on the Babyface-penned “Broken-Hearted Girl.” DOWNLOAD: “Halo”

Here’s a review from EW of David Cook’s release.

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