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Chris Evans – Did You Know?

In a recent interview, Chris Evans mentioned that he wanted to be opposite of Sean Penn in Milk but lost to James Franco. 


Maybe Chris was too skim for the part, but I wonder who would have won if casting decisions were left to an on-line vote between Chris or James?  (Maybe that should the idea behind my new internet company?) 

Chris went on to discuss that he’s OK being objectified for his looks, the origination of ‘Flame On!’,  and what-had-happened in his early career photo shoots.


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Academy Award nominee Gus Van Sant directs Academy Award winner Sean Penn as gay-rights icon Harvey Milk. Mr. Milk (1930-1978) was an activist and politician, and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in America; in 1977, he was voted to the city supervisors’ board of San Francisco. The following year, both he and the city’s mayor George Moscone were shot to death by another city supervisor, Dan White. Mr. Milk was previously the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary feature “The Times of Harvey Milk,” but “Milk” is the first non-documentary feature to explore the man’s life and career.

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