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Space Needle Got Activated

Apparently in this last thunderstorm we had, the Space Needle repeatedly got struck by lightening. I wonder if the food is better now? Anyway, check out the video.


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Santa Likes Lapdances

Usually the good folks at Seattle’s Lusty Lady would be ecstatic when Santa Claus drops in.

But Saturday afternoon, when about 200 giddy Santas stormed the lobby, Saint Nick’s “Ho, ho, ho,” left the staff thinking “Oh, no, no, no!”


The Santas made a beeline to private booths, crowding in three and four deep for a peep show. A chorus of “My, oh my!” and gasps and giggles sounded as the posse in red inhaled the carnal delights.

“Hey, is that beer?” a Lusty Lady attendant barked to one of the Santas chugging merrily in the hallway. “You can’t have that in here!”

His fellow Santas immediately chided him with mock rage: “Bad Santa! Bad Santa! Bad Santa!”

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of “Santarchy” — “Santa” plus “anarchy” — which could be described as equal parts pub crawl, equal parts holiday celebration and a whole lot of fun.

Going from location to location, the annual event in Seattle heightens the merriment with an element of stealth about where the group is heading and when.

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If You Live In the Northwest…

Please bundle up, get some candles, edible undies, and plenty of blankets. Which of those “is not like the other”? In all seriousness, be prepared for this:

A major storm with wind gusts up to 90 mph and snowfall that could be a much as a foot deep was moving in from the Pacific, the newspaper reported.

This accumulation could pile on top of ice and snow left over from earlier this week. All major schools in the Seattle-Tacoma area were closed Friday, CNN affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle reported, as roads were too icy for buses to navigate. 


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A Seattle Snow Day


Images from the homefront.

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SNL Reenactment Of This Weekend In Seattle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Lady Gaga Shows Up, Immediately Combusts

***Update: Lady Gaga finally shows up majorly late, “sings” two songs, crowd surfs, gets pulled off the stage by her dancers, and then gets whisked away by security. Two freakin’ songs after we waited for HOURS! Such a shame because she has such promise but Perez, this is something Madonna would never have done. Love her or hate her, M is a pro and always has been. Time for another successor, because Lady Gaga ain’t it.

And oh yeah, since I’m ranting, the venue totally sucks – you practically have to go through a metal detector to get in the joint, even with a stamp on your hand. So if you go outside, prepare to wait in line again with the newcomers, show your ID, then show your stamp again, etc. Then once inside, good luck getting a drink while the aging sorority girls in their kitty-cat-showing short skirts can’t seem to make up their minds. “Like, OMG, let’s get shots you guys! What do you want, what would you like Tina, can we pay with 4 difference debit cards?” Shit like that. 

The guys are actually cool there, but the girls look like they either are for hire or want to make adult movies which they probably will later in the night, but without money changing hands. At least be a smart whore, come on now! This was definitely another “Thank God I’m gay” evening. 


11:30: Where the fuck are you, opening for NKOTB before this and leaving us hanging. Standing in a straight bar, drunk as hell, waiting for the bullshit to start. I’m sure I’ll rave shortly.

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How Some Cope With the Economy

 Click to enlarge, get it, enlarge! hahaha

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FYI – They’re Hiring

Please don’t assume I’m a prick for posting this because I’m seriously hoping to find myself waiting tables over the holidays, but the Chuck-E-Cheese position on my Monster.com saved search results is pretty funny!  If you’re in the market for a new opportunity, please include me as the referring individual as the company has free whack-a-mole tokens for any referred new hires!


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Jason Mraz Comes to Seattle

jason-mrazIf you live in Seattle or nearby, go see him – he’s amazing. I’ve seen him in concert before and while he’s a little PG for my liking, he’s just a remarkable, down-home talent. Especially on the acoustic stuff. 


WHAT: Pop concert (acoustic on Monday)

WHEN: Sunday and Monday at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St.

TICKETS: Regular tickets sold out; premium tickets available


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Seattle Takes It To The Street

Bottles were poppin, people were crying, and when the police showed up everyone picked up a broom and cleaned up after themselves.  What a party! 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Seattle Light Rail: Is It Worth It? HELL YES!

Personally, I’d rather have less time with my family, sit in more traffic, have an increased frustration level, and become an even less desirable city. Wouldn’t you? It’s all connected, whether you take 99, I-5, 405, whatever – if there’s traffic, you’ll feel it. So if I have to pay more sales tax to make Seattle a better overall city, I’m willing to do it whether or not I actually would ride it. Come on people!
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I Got Served

A new world record was set this weekend with a bunch of people paying tribute to Michael Jackson’s 25th Anniversary of Thriller. 
Have a few minutes and want to see more?  Continue reading

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A Clairvoyant GQ?

Honestly, I guess even Ray Charles could’ve seen the break up coming between Madonna and Guy Ritchie – but would he have written a letter to ‘Mr. Next-Mr. Madonna’? In September’s GQ, they laid out all the new guy is going to need to know.

Here are some highlights:
* Being Madonna’s husband is like taking a ride on the space shuttle—you’re strapped to a rocket, the whole world is watching, and it’s gonna be over before you know it.
* The truth is, you’re not really the next Mr. Madonna—you’re the next former Mr. Madonna.
*You can tie her up—but you can’t tie her down. It’s like bringing a rainbow home in a bottle, and then trying to have sex with that rainbow.

Something else they predicted in September’s Issue was the increasingly popular growth of a ‘new’ artist, Janelle Monae. With a moderate amount of luv for some of the other artists that Bad Boy Records has released, Janelle doesn’t meet the “formula” by any means. As polished as she is in this ‘short film‘, she was RAW when she was in Seattle.

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On Architecture: Light rail stations are on the right track


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At any given time, Starbucks Corp.’s research and development team evaluates around 200 potential new products, from healthy to indulgent in hopes of luring as many customers as possible.

After focusing for two decades on building its espresso beverage lines, new revenue streams are becoming crucial for the Seattle coffee company as financial markets crumble and consumers tighten wallets.

Starbucks begins selling its “signature hot chocolate” Tuesday in North American stores. The product already has been available for two years in Europe and Asia, capitalizing on the growing popularity of premium chocolate products.

“What got us to this place is no longer going to be exactly the model as we’re going forward,” said Michelle Gass, senior vice president of marketing. “We’re not immune to what’s happening in the world. We’ve got to be relevant. We can’t just bury our head in the sand.”

The latest indulgence is being unveiled Tuesday, when the company begins selling its “Starbucks signature hot chocolate” in North American stores.

Nostalgically reminiscent of a snow day, the product already has been available for two years in Europe and Asia, capitalizing on the growing popularity of premium chocolate products.

Chocolate has great power to detour people into a cafe, said Rachel Antalek, Starbucks’ director of espresso. Her team saw that firsthand at Seattle headquarters.

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