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Patriotism Is Hot!

So, was over at Queerty checking out what’s going on with the important gay stuff and look what I found, Ellis McReadie! And while it’s soooo not important, people can appreciate the flag underwear right? Check out even more pics here. And here


My country, ’tis of thee…

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Marco Dapper Can Also Help You With Your Car

He’s very helpful, isn’t he? Check out more pics here, some I haven’t ever seen before. 


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Travis Fimmel, Then & Now

Which Travis do you prefer, the Calvin Klein model or the actor on The Beast? He almost doesn’t look like the same person but let’s not play around here, I’d still hit it like a slow-pitched softball.

travis-fimmel-before    travis-fimmel-after1

See more of the “now” pictures here. I mean, in case you need more evidence. 

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Miley Cyrus is a Lucky Ho

She gets to spend time “talking and stuff” with this guy every day. Biatch!

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Seann William Scott, Nice ‘Balls’ Dude!

Seann William Scott has a new tennis comedy coming out next year called “Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story” that has some scenes of him in attire you might have never imagined, and attire (or lack thereof) that you might have often imagined. 

seann-william-scottTo see a whole lot more, click here. I’m diggin’ the porn-stache.

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