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Thursday Hotness: Jason Behr

jason-behrThese are just two of those pics that get my heart racin’, even if just a touch. I wouldn’t say emergency room-fast, but maybe a “need-to-simma-down-nah” fast. His name is Jason Behr. Click to enlarge and go here to see a few more from the series. 



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Christian LeBlanc, Please Pass (Yourself) The Potatoes

christian-leblancDude, seriously, eat some carbs would ya? Yes, you look physically amazing – especially for a man that’s 50-years old. But when you get that lean it totally shows on your face and that my friend, is why I choose to stay a little bit porky – it helps with not showing wrinkles.

You have a choice, raisin-face/hot bod or beer belly/smooth face, you can’t have both a hot body AND a hot face. (OK, you can but it makes me feel better to think that)

Go here to see more of the photos.

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