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Celebrities Get To Have All The Fun!

Can you guess who’s playing Amber Alert with their daughter while shopping?  The last time I tried that, it didn’t go like I had planned…


Click here to see!

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Y’all Selfish!

blackfridaygpssaleWe’re in a recession (or economic downturn, whatever) and here is one of the highlights in today’s Chicago Tribune:

81% of consumers surveyed last week said they panned to shop for themselves during the Thanksgiving weekend, up from 69% last year.

That’s a 12 basis point increase, in the midst of tough times, and I’m not hatin’ whatsoever.  You go and git your Garmin!

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Blood Diamonds >>> “Add To Cart”

There’s obviously some grey area involved with a newly promoted site auctioning materials picked up from police confiscation.  The site promises good deals, ‘Hot Pursuit Specials’, and potentially the opportunity to find the lamp that was stolen by that crackhead two years ago. 

prop1 prop3 prop2

So far, I’ve seen pretty good deals on snowmobiles, iPods, and a VW Jetta.  Generally speaking, I’m not overly superstitious about materialistic items, but in this case I just don’t know if I could shake the stigma of a new rolex that would constantly remind me of The Wire on HBO.

Happy Shopping & Stay On The Grind!

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Is It Too Early For A Black Friday Strategy?

We all know that due to the current economic situation that there are going to be ‘deep discounts’ to lure the few rupples remaining in your change purse to relocate. 

Is it too early to start planning for the Black Friday mayhem?  If you’re like me and are addicted to the excitement of arriving somewhere at midnight and waiting like a lemming until they open at 5AM then you may like to add this site to your favorites:  theblackfriday.com

Pay close attention to the ‘Today’s Black Friday Like Deals’ b/c that’s where you are going to see the items that are going to be hot this year.  Currently, they have a good deal on a Blu-ray DVD player

The gamble – will it only get cheaper the closer we get to Christmas?

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How about someone else’s debit or credit card? I find that truly the most effective, but that’s just me.

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