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Dear Seattle…

If we ever had to respond to a REAL disaster, such as a bomb, terrorist attack, something horrible like that – I can’t even imagine how we would respond. The worst weapon would be to attack us with ice and snow, that seems to shut our shit down. 

People are stranded at airports, bus stations, can’t get into shelters, stuck downtown with no bus in site, packed buses once they do arrive, cabs refusing to take people to certain areas of town, sidewalks still not salted, businesses not shoveling outside of their businesses, I could go on and on. I mean, the first day or two is a capacity issue, I get that. But it’s been several days now!


Seattle, your response has been pathetic and scarily revealing. If you can’t manage this, how on earth can you manage a true disaster?

UPDATE: Here’s the city’s response.

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