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Heidi Montag,This Song Isn’t Half Bad

Heidi Montag has released another song, and this one is called “Black Out”. Apparently it was co-written by Cathy Dennis, remember “C’Mon And Get My Love“? Now that was a hot song for the time, and I still dig it. 

Anyway, I gotta say it’s pretty catchy and you know, at least she’s trying! Yes, her man plays a total douche on TV which makes her seem like a dumb bitch, but those are just characters. (I hope)

So I say, good for you Heidi! 

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Damn You MTV, You Got Me Again!

The new season of The Hills is upon us and here’s the first trailer for it. There’s just something about when Heidi breaks down that gets me every time. Dammit!

Watch it here

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Audrina, Something is Different About Your Face

What could it be, hmmm…

At The Hills finale wrap-party thingy, there was a whole lot of “filler” up in the house, can you spot who has spent a time or two in the plastic surgeon’s office? As a side-note, how can I love Heidi Montag but hate Heidi and Spencer? It’s like he is poison to her and makes her despicable when she’s actually quite sweet – and hot now!

Exhibit A


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Spencer Statement – “In My Mind, We’re Really Married”

Say it ain’t so, but upon validating the the virtuous committment between Spencer & Heidi something speculative has developed

A Los Angeles Superior Court official said Tuesday that MTV was recently granted permission to shoot in a courtroom in Beverly Hills, but it was done after hours — and that’s not one of their judges sitting on the bench in “The Hills” footage.  A check of marriage records last week did not reveal any filings by Pratt or Montag…

In my mind, it’s as legal as the ring on my finger,” Pratt told Us Weekly.


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“Speidi” Elopes

50965809The ubiquitous couple from MTV’s The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, have tied the knot. Want to read their vows? Yeah, me neither. But if you answered yes, click here to read them. 

As they ride off into the sunset of love, I echo the sentiment of many when I say, “Keep on ridin’!”


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