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Like An Icon (Congrats Madonna!)

From Drowned Madonna: Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour continues to be an extremely enormous success. Billboard Boxscore has published the official and confirmed concert stats (grosses, attendance) for the recent North American concerts in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Oakland, Boston, and East Rutherford.

These 16 North American concerts posted in Billboard Boxscore have grossed $45,878,544 and attracted an audience of 285,596 people. Added with the $116,029,569 in grosses and 939,990 people from the European leg of the tour, the tour has so far grossed an incredible $161,908,113 and played to an audience of 1,225,586 people. There are still at least 25 shows remaining to be reported to Billboard Boxscore. Although this tour is not yet over, it has already exceeded the 1,210,294 people that attended The Confessions Tour from 2006. This tour will also easily outgross the solo artist record-breaking $194,754,447 concert grosses that was grossed on The Confessions Tour.

With one of the biggest worldwide selling albums of the year, a huge hit single, and a phenomenally successul tour, Madonna is still a colossally successful and relevant music star. Congratulations to Madonna!

“No one’s gonna stop” you indeed. Another two videos from the show after the jump.

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1 In 5 Of Y’all Have Some Splainin’ To Do

42-19039558Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have genital herpes.  In New York (and soon Atlanta) the stats are closer to 1 in 4.  For kicks, count on one hand yourself and three to four people you know (depending upon your location).  To make it really fun, exclude friends you think may be clean, count people you know at work, and then try to deduct who it is. 

 Reminder – Keep Your Love Locked Down

You can also have a lot of fun with this kind of math for the following two stats:
   1 in 10 married white males beat their wife 
   1 in 20 males are sociopaths (this is calculus level messiness – take your time)

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Tyra Stats

According to TB, 50% of guys ‘pine’ over an ex whereas only 27% of women ‘pine’ over an ex.

Interesting, huh?

Additionally, 100% of people polled think their favorite episode of Tyra is when she dressed up in a fat suit.  Do it again, T!

Part of the pathetic 50% or 27%?  Don’t fret, you’re not alone!

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