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Madonna Breaks More Records

With the completion of Madonna’s final show in Sao Paulo Brazil last evening – one of eleven record-breaking performances in South America – the ‘Material Girl’s’ ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour reigns supreme by becoming the Number One Largest Grossing Tour in history by a solo artist, it was confirmed today by Live Nation, the tour’s international producer. Her 58 shows in Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico and South America played for a staggering 2,350,282 million fans and sold over (USD)280,000,000 in tickets. ‘Madonna has yet again demonstrated her true global appeal as a live performer whether in stadiums or arenas. Not only will this tour be the top selling tour of all time for a solo artist and a female artist (eclipsing her own record), but it will position her as one of the top selling touring artists of all time’ said Arthur Fogel, Live Nation’s Chairman of Global Music and CEO of Global Touring. Continue reading


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Interview with Madonna’s Tour Director in Argentina

Not exactly what I would’ve imagined her tour director to look like but then again, he’s the guy that makes sure the stage gets put together. So then maybe he’s what I would’ve imagined.

From Madonnalicious: Argentinian newspaper La Nacion interviewed tour director Chris Lamb while the stage was being set up at the Estadio River venue.He confirms the filming of the tour DVD in Buenos Aires and why Madonna chose to film it there, and talks about the setting up of the stage.

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Britney & Madonna Reunite “For The Record”

Britney reunites with Madonna and I wish I could’ve been there. I like them both, and no matter what you think of M, you know she’s a smart one – too smart sometimes. Britney is, well, um, very sweet. Continue reading

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A-Rod Spotting in Miami

Well, finally the first evidence that A-Rod and Madonna are actually at least friends. Shocking huh? I mean, I don’t think it’s safe to assume they’re getting downtown with each other, but at least he’s been spotted in the front row of her Miami show last night. That must mean they’re sexing each other. 

Click here to see the damning evidence. Purely sinister, can you see the evil in his eyes? *sarcasm*

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Madonna Double Dutches In Atlantic City

Right around the 1:33 mark, watch M get “Into the Groove” with some jump ropes. Reminds me of my gym session the other day! 

Hey, did YouTube widen their screens? For the widescreen edition, click here

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Atlantic City, Are You Ready for Madonna?

Not much left of the Sticky and Sweet Tour, so live it up Atlantic City, Atlanta, and Miami. Next stop, Mexico and South America. 

Nov 22 – Atlantic City
Nov 24 – Atlanta
Nov 26 – Miami 

Nov 29, 30 – Mexico City 
Dec 3, 4, 6, 7 – Buenos Aires 
Dec 10, 11 – Santiago 
Dec 14, 15 – Rio De Janeiro 
Dec 18, 20, 21 – Sao Paulo 

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Ross Matthews Is Desperately Seeking Madonna

Sent by Jay Leno, Ross Matthews sets out to talk to Madonna before her show starts…hilarity ensues.

Watch here!

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Like An Icon (Congrats Madonna!)

From Drowned Madonna: Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour continues to be an extremely enormous success. Billboard Boxscore has published the official and confirmed concert stats (grosses, attendance) for the recent North American concerts in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Oakland, Boston, and East Rutherford.

These 16 North American concerts posted in Billboard Boxscore have grossed $45,878,544 and attracted an audience of 285,596 people. Added with the $116,029,569 in grosses and 939,990 people from the European leg of the tour, the tour has so far grossed an incredible $161,908,113 and played to an audience of 1,225,586 people. There are still at least 25 shows remaining to be reported to Billboard Boxscore. Although this tour is not yet over, it has already exceeded the 1,210,294 people that attended The Confessions Tour from 2006. This tour will also easily outgross the solo artist record-breaking $194,754,447 concert grosses that was grossed on The Confessions Tour.

With one of the biggest worldwide selling albums of the year, a huge hit single, and a phenomenally successul tour, Madonna is still a colossally successful and relevant music star. Congratulations to Madonna!

“No one’s gonna stop” you indeed. Another two videos from the show after the jump.

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Countdown To Madonna!

Here I sit at Emeril’s trying to contain my excitement while we scarf a quick bite down with just about 45 minutes until showtime, although it’s likely to start a bit late.

My first time seeing her in concert since being a childhood fan, and it’s certainly my biggest concert ever and certainly never with such amazing seats! I’m trying to contain my excitement which is why I can and almost have to write this to remain focused.

Time goes by, so slowly…

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First Look: Britney and Madonna Performing Together

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Britney Shows Us Her “Human Nature”

While we’re on the topic of the Madonna concert in L.A. tonight, here’s the video backdrop that I mentioned earlier…the very end is actually pretty cool.

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Madonna, Britney, and Justin, Oh My! – Update

madonna-sticky-and-sweet1  britney-spears  justin-t

Update #2: Apparently Britney and Madonna will be singing “Gimme More” together. 

Update: According to X17 and even TMZ, Britney is now at the venue, Dodger Stadium. I feel like a freakin’ reporter, but anyway, there are rumors that Justin will duet on “4 Minutes” and Britney on “Human Nature”, and you probably already know she’s in the video backdrop for that song. 

Madonna brings her Sticky and Sweet tour to the only stop in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium. Well, according to Ryan Seacrest, Britney and Justin will be joining her on stage in some capacity. Could be interesting eh?

Here are my only requests: 

  1. Justin, please perform shirtless – bonus points for pantless.
  2. Britney, please please please sing live, we didn’t fall in love with you for your amazing voice.
  3. Madonna, please do something spontaneous and step away from the machine. Would a impromptu 3-way be out of the question? I jest, I jest (kind of). 

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