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Dora the Explorer — a Whore-a?


OK, sit down and hang on to your backpacks, there’s big news: Dora the Explorer is growing up. And it’s freaking parents out.

Mattel has recently announced that its popular, pint-sized commercial juggernaut will soon debut as an older tween version of the chubby cutie that children and parents have grown to adore-a. And even though Mattel has only released a teaser image in silhouette, parents fear that the shapely shadow suggests well, a real tease.

Truth is, until we can all get a good look at Dora’s new um, developments, this could be much ado about nothing. I mean, I didn’t see a stripper pole in silhouette, so that’s encouraging. But what the news of this makeover does tap into is an unsettling truth: the loss of innocence can sometimes throw us into shock. In the big book of life, Childhood — that time of wide-eyed naivete and unfiltered joy — is a chapter that is becoming slimmer and slimmer. About as slim as the new hips that Dora has grown into.

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Everyday, A New Pole – Why?

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Those New Kids have learned a thing or two over the years….

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What…. A Pole!!!

katelynnWhen you watch TV by yourself, do you laugh out loud often, seldom, or never?  That’s a question I wonder from time to time.  I’m more of a seldom kind of person myself but seeing this 3 month old twock hop up on a support beam at a dive in Gettysburg made me laugh my arse off today. 

Really, I’m not hating because Katelynn has some Ms. New Booty potential – I just think her pole choice (similar to song choice on AI) was a little inappropriate for that moment.


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