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Lady Gaga Shows Up, Immediately Combusts

***Update: Lady Gaga finally shows up majorly late, “sings” two songs, crowd surfs, gets pulled off the stage by her dancers, and then gets whisked away by security. Two freakin’ songs after we waited for HOURS! Such a shame because she has such promise but Perez, this is something Madonna would never have done. Love her or hate her, M is a pro and always has been. Time for another successor, because Lady Gaga ain’t it.

And oh yeah, since I’m ranting, the venue totally sucks – you practically have to go through a metal detector to get in the joint, even with a stamp on your hand. So if you go outside, prepare to wait in line again with the newcomers, show your ID, then show your stamp again, etc. Then once inside, good luck getting a drink while the aging sorority girls in their kitty-cat-showing short skirts can’t seem to make up their minds. “Like, OMG, let’s get shots you guys! What do you want, what would you like Tina, can we pay with 4 difference debit cards?” Shit like that. 

The guys are actually cool there, but the girls look like they either are for hire or want to make adult movies which they probably will later in the night, but without money changing hands. At least be a smart whore, come on now! This was definitely another “Thank God I’m gay” evening. 


11:30: Where the fuck are you, opening for NKOTB before this and leaving us hanging. Standing in a straight bar, drunk as hell, waiting for the bullshit to start. I’m sure I’ll rave shortly.

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