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Gretchen of “Real Housewives” Might Be Tellin’ Some Lies

What…a mess! If you watched “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, you probably know that Gretchen denied that she was dating a guy named Jay (a claim lobbed by Tamra) as she was supposedly engaged to Jeff.  The story seemed kind of odd during the reunion for the show and I wasn’t sure that I believed her, even though I was a huge fan of hers. Well, it seems that she might have been lying and here’s the 911 call to prove it. CRAZY!. 

gretchen-rossie-jayRadar Online has the 911 tape, so listen to it here. SKETCHY.


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Real Housewives of OC Blog Awards

Lynne, Gretchen, and Jeana rock, the rest of them are bitches. Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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