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The Bachelor Alternate Ending: Doll-style!

Check this out, it’s hilarious in a stupid way! But isn’t the show that way too?

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After the Rose: Um, Can I Have That Back?



This is the first season I think I’ve actually watched “The Bachelor” because generally, I think it’s a crock of shit. I can’t stand the host as he says the dumbest things, “This is the most dramatic rose ceremony in ‘Bachelor’ history” and things like, “There’s Jason” and the classic emerging from darkness move of, “Ladies, this is the final rose.” Uh, we know and THEY KNOW. There’s just one rose sitting there moron! He must be exhausted at the end of each day with his pivotal scenes sucking the life from his emotions. But I digress. 

Anyway, last night was the finale and like predicted here, Jason chose Melissa. I was sad because I wanted Molly from the very beginning, I thought she had more of her own identity and was more feisty, and you can’t have someone who agrees with everything you say, because you will then get bored over time. Melissa was just so sweet and beautiful, but Molly had that spark. Well, during the “After the Rose” show Jason did a 180 and because of his contract HAD to do it on TV. I love the faux intimacy “out of respect for the parties involved”. For a moment, I thought I was watching Jerry Springer or Tyra. Or even Tempest. 

If you want to watch some dramatic footage of how it all went down, I have the footage (or acting reel, depending on how you feel about it) after the jump. Melissa, welcome to “The Bachelorette”! 

Side note: Does anyone else think that Ty is annoying and find that the relationship is oddly close? Not in a dirty way, I just mean that everything was “Ty this” and “Ty that” and “Oh look, Ty just took the cutest little dump”. Weird. Continue reading

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And They All Come Falling Down…

Here’s a video of a former “Bachelor” contestant who is also a model – well, she’s suing because she hurt herself, had emotional damage, all that stuff. As with my things posted on this site, it’s funny as shit and completely a go-straight-to-hell ticket. So let’s have a party in the hot place and laugh while getting there!

How did she not see that hole in the floor and how did nobody tell her it was there? Maybe her cocker spaniel hair got in the way. Mean!

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