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Lies, Lies – Don’t Believe The Lies!

iPhone App Usage Drops Off:

A study has shown that less than 5 percent of consumers still use their free iPhone applications a month after downloading them. What do you think?


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Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Sh*t That Doesn’t F**king Work

Watch this, it’s from The Onion and of course, it has a lot of swearing. If for some reason the video is janky on your screen, click here for the bestest quality.  Continue reading

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If You Have A Wicked Sense of Humor…

Read this

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She Doesn’t “Love Thy Neighbor”

crossAre all Christians good? One woman wants to plead her case – read this hysterical piece. Or should it be ‘peace’?

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A New Advil, I Might Have To Try This!

Sometimes when you’re feeling just too peaceful, too happy, and perhaps even too stoic – this might be a solution for you. I wouldn’t recommend slipping it to that devil-bastard of a boyfriend that might not be able to express anything more than a monosyllabic grunt here and there, but I can’t control what you do, now can I? Wink wink.


From The Onion:

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals unveiled a new pain-causing line of Advil this week that will help millions of benumbed, hollow consumers to feel at least somewhat alive for up to four hours.

“Advil Release delivers a soothing burst of pain when cold and listless Americans need it most,” Wyeth CEO Bernard J. Poussot said during a press conference Monday. “Just two capsules can deliver all-day relief in the form of searing, life-affirming agony; the kind of agony Advil users trust when being a pale specter of humanity adrift in a meaningless and uncaring universe is just not an option anymore.”

According to Poussot, the new drug works by delivering a powerful stimulant straight to the brain’s pain center, causing an intense stinging sensation all over the body. If taken regularly, the deadening futility of day-to-day life will be temporarily washed away in a flood of blessed and cleansing torment.

“Two fast-acting, long-lasting Advil Release taken three times a day are recommended for anyone who is convinced he or she will never laugh or cry again,” Poussot said. “Teenagers who see no difference between being dead or alive, nor why it makes a difference either way, may require twice the suggested dosage.”

Read more here.

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Obama Withdrawals – “Need A Fix?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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To Some Americans, It Was Just Another Tuesday

Here’s a look at how Americans who abstained from the democratic process spent their Election Day, from The Onion


Cecilly Savapolous of Detroit, MI pulls a lever all damn day for work, and isn’t gonna take time off just to do it at the community center.


Tom Hauser 


Tom Hauser of Bend, OR compensated for not participating in the election by catching the last half of Primary Colors on TNT.


Harrison Lladre wishes they had told him that an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record isn’t allowed to vote before he waited in that long ass line.


Sheila Henderson decided it wasn’t worth bothering with the nation’s future after some goddamn kids ripped off her car antenna.

Alex Nathan 

Obama campaign worker Alex Nathans spent 52 minutes in a McDonald’s bathroom to cover up for the fact that he never registered to vote.


Pvt. Travis Boyer of Tulsa, OK was too busy decomposing on the floor of an abandoned Iraqi safe-house to vote on Tuesday.

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Warning: Foul and Sinful Language

The use of the N word might end a porn star’s career, from the Onion News Network. Another industry with a black mark (no pun intended) against it, the porn industry. How could they? hehe

Click here, and laugh.

There’s filthy, underbelly-speak all over of this thing, and I love it! (I should’ve posted the video, but I truly don’t want to offend anyone)

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An Interesting Statistic

Courtesy of The Onion, a favorite site of mine. 

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A New Perspective

Shares climbed following the discovery that the CEO had hung himself with the new 12-strand interlocked Supreme MFP.


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‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time EVER

In an unprecedented and historic event Monday, the “I Am Under 18” button, an Internet security device which if selected restricts access to websites featuring adult content, was clicked for the first time ever in Chino, CA. “I knew I could simply claim to be over 18 and continue onto my desired destination, but I also realized that I would have to live with that lie for the rest of my life,” said local resident Garrett Kinley, 17. “I admit, I was curious to see what type of material I would find on http://www.juggworld.com, but that button was clearly placed there for a reason, and let’s face it: 17 and three-quarters is not 18. I plan to return to the site three months from now, when I will be mature enough to handle its content.” Moments later, Kinley’s friend Dave Gerrard, 17, pushed Kinley aside and clicked the “I Am Over 18” button himself, at which point a tactical police unit broke down his bedroom door and arrested him.

(Source: The Onion)

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