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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Schooled By Jesse Ventura

As Rosie would say, “Whoop, there it is.” Jesse, you go on and tell her what it is. Holla!


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But What Is Research?

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Whoopi Goldberg Rips Into Fashion Critics

Whoopi, I love you. But listen, this is what these people do – they judge on screen (or red carpet) fashion and you have to admit, you are very “un-TV”. If I show up for a job and I’m wearing super-duper-casual clothes, I might not be taken seriously. Do I hate that? Yes. But if you weren’t famous, it would be a real, albeit silly, issue.

Sorry Whoopi, can’t side with you this time.

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Hot PETA Ad Banned From Super Bowl

What’s the big deal, I’m sure the vegetables are orgasmic..I mean, organic. According to the ad, “Studies show vegetarians have better sex”. You can also click here for a Whoopi Goldberg interpretation of the commercial below. 

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People are all worked up over this, but it actually makes me want to get dirty with a piece of asparagus, is that wrong?

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Rosie Responds to Babs!

I love it, go Ro! This is in response to Barbara Walters’ rant about Rosie even though she doesn’t say her name. FU Elisabeth. 

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Whoopi Goldberg Rocks

The voice of reason on many topics, she discusses her joining the protests against Prop 8. Thanks Whoopi, we appreciate you.

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The Ladies Have An Emotional ‘View’

Yesterday, the ladies of The View got together and while many people expected Elisabeth to come out sullen and pissy, I think almost everybody was shocked at her support of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States. I have to say that I was and am impressed with her and I’m pretty easily convinced to look at someone with a new lens. I’m glad I did.

Each woman had their own words to speak, and much of America was moved as a result. Have a look.

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