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Traffic Update: Panties & Prophets

I just knew today was going to be a rough commute!panties jesus1

Honolulu: 8 boxes of Gap panties fell off a delivery truck and were all over the highway.  What’s the big deal; can we say “I completed all my regift shopping early this year”?

Orlando: Jesus statues are blocking an intersection and causing all kinds of fuss for commuters.  Honestly, the last thing I need when I don’t use my blinker, slow-n-roll, and violate someone else’s right of way is Ceramic Jesus there watching me. 

All that makes me think that I’m just going to call out tomorrow and play hookie!

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Seattle Light Rail: Is It Worth It? HELL YES!

Personally, I’d rather have less time with my family, sit in more traffic, have an increased frustration level, and become an even less desirable city. Wouldn’t you? It’s all connected, whether you take 99, I-5, 405, whatever – if there’s traffic, you’ll feel it. So if I have to pay more sales tax to make Seattle a better overall city, I’m willing to do it whether or not I actually would ride it. Come on people!
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