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It’s Not My Fault; I’m Under Alot Of Pressure At Work!

Are you dealing with stress over the holidays too?


“And just so you know, it doesn’t happen to every guy, it’s not all that common and it is a big deal”

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Don’t Be “Angry” If You’re Flying Over The Holidays

42-17921397Here’s some HG that I heard from a friend of mine in the airline industry.  If you’re traveling and having a rough time with delays, poor customer service, paying for checked bags, etc  then the worst thing you can do is to mumble anything about being “Angry”.  That’s the special code word that will get you whisked away to your own private lounge to await some talks with some less than friendly, slightly intrusive people. 

Sir, if you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to call security.” – 2006 quote from Delta guy to dubyabejay – such a fun trip

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Flying Soon…? Kinky!


Airline crew subdues passenger with duct tape!

CNN Story Highlights

  • Crew whips out duct tape after passenger fights with attendants & blind person
  • Why the duct tape? United crew says ankle cuffs kept slipping off the suspect  
  • (Scarcely Related, Unfortunately)
    Mile High Club How-To Tips:

    1. Take the red-eye
    2. Take advantage of airplane booze
    3. Don’t be shy
    4. Dole out the cash for a fancy flight – Mile High Atlanta is a charter-plane company that lets couples join the club for $379
    5. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

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    Myths About Travel Tricks

    If you’re looking to travel and really want (or need) to get the best deal, you might Google to find some tricks. Some will tell you Wednesday at midnight (wherever the hub is for the company) because supposedly you can find newly released tickets or something like that. So when is the best time to buy your airline tickets? I did a little digging, and I found a site that addresses some of those myths. Click here to be transported to the land that I speak of.

    If you have any top tips to share, please do – leave a comment.

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