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Andy’s Got A Boyfriend

Its only been 8 (TV) years since he was creativly making ends meet simultaneously being both a sole proprietor and still tax exempt (if you need a refresher, DH comes on daily on Lifetime).

I’m happy for him, and the guy’s a plastic surgeon too – hollur!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Attention Robert Buckley Fans

Click here if you want to see a few hot-assed pics from a TV Movie called Flirting with Forty.

Here’s an older one in case you don’t know who he is.


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Song Dedicated To Kim, From NeNe (Real Housewives ATL)

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Apparently Crack Aint That Whack – Because Whitney’s Back!

To quote Maya R “What, What, Alright!” .

Good news, you too can go from Drab to Fab with just a few point and clicks:


Imagine my excitement when the Sizzling HG came out that Whitney was going to be part of Celebrity Big Brother!  Maybe that was a typo and they meant Celebrity Rehab, but either way is fine with me!  Who do I have to send my text msg to so Gary Busey can have a piece of that pie?

And you know Bobby B is going to chasing after the POV too!  Summer can’t come quick enough! Watch Out, Janelle!

Oh, and the other pic above is NOT Ol Crazy’s new album cover but damn, that’s a pretty good piece of fan art! 

Undefeated – The jury is still in sequester on that one!

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Tivo Is My New Best Friend

Oh, who am I kidding – Tivo already was my BFF. My others have tried (ahem, Comcast DVR) but now it’s going to get even better because they’re partnering with Netflix to allow streaming movies right from the menu on the Tivo. They’re currently testing it and in December, it should be live. This should not be confused with Amazon Unbox, which was OK but not great (I could never find any good new releases) and also took a while to download from their site to your Tivo. But now that slow experience is going to be behind us, check this article after the jump. Continue reading

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More than 38.3 million people tuned in to see presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama address the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

That was the largest audience for the 2008 DNC this year, and bigger than the audiences for the “American Idol” finale or “The Academy Awards.”

Sen. John Kerry drew just 24.4 million for his acceptance speech in 2004.

The audience watching Obama’s nomination speech was actually larger than reported, though unmeasured. Nielsen’s estimate counts 10 networks’ coverage in the 10 p.m. hour, but not PBS and C-Span, which also carried the event.

“There has been enormous interest,” CNN senior vice president David Bohrman said. “[The presidential race] has transitioned into a must-see TV event….People have become transfixed.”

CNN had 8 million people watching. ABC averaged 6.6 million; NBC averaged 6.1 million; CBS, 4.7 million; the Fox News Channel, 4.2 million and MSNBC averaged 4.0 million.

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I’m Going to Hell For Thinking This is Funny!

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