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Ugly Betty, You Stay!

This is what I’m going to look like if/when they take Ugly Betty off ABC:


Just in case you’d like a refresh, I found this for someone today and was impressed with the HQ recap:


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Speaking of “Ugly Betty”…Amanda’s Greatest Moments

Amanda is THE BEST.

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Another Reason To Watch “Ugly Betty”

eric-mabiusIf it wasn’t your reason before, Eric Mabius (Betty’s boss) is a total hottie. Well, now you can see more of that hotness by clicking here. Needless to say, it’s NSFW, unless you work in a porn shop.

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Ugly Betty Gets Another Sista’

velezDexter star Lauren Velez will be joining the cast for a multiepisode arc later this season as a nurse who enters the lives of the Suarez family:

Details about her character and how she will interact with Betty (America Ferrera) and the rest of the Suarez clan are being kept under wraps, but word is that she is tied to a plot twist that might involve the death of a major character.


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Ugly Betty Imposter!!!

beckinewton_thumbnail-copy1 jessica_alba_betty_small1  

Why Is Jessica Frontin’?

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Ugly Betty Got Really Serious This Week!

This season of Fugly Betty is really taking things to a ‘Ho Nuva Leva’.  Surprisingly enough, much of the envelope pushing has really come from Marc’s character as he’s dealt with relationship, career, and other ethical challenges – nice & oh-so-spicy!  Need a summary of Season 3, Episode 9?  (Holla)


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Can You Grab Me Some Beef Jerky?

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Who is (Ugly) Betty’s Hot New Neighbor?

If you watch Ugly Betty and have thought to yourself, “Who is that musician-hottie Jesse living next to Betty?”, perhaps I can help. You might also have the other question in your mind that I also have which is, “How can Betty work in such a trendy place and dress like she’s color blind?” but I digress as usual. 

Back to the hottie: His name is Val Emmich and he is a real living and breathing musician. On the show, he’s just a helpful neighbor that seems to help Betty live her life to the fullest while she helps him persevere through the rough world of music and angst. Will romance abound? 

You can check out his MySpace page and see why people compare his voice to David Bowie. I can totally hear it. Have a look at his video for “Get On With It” after the jump. Continue reading

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No More LiLo Cho Cha!

OK we get it – you’re voyeuristic.  We’ve all seen it and some of us have it saved on our hard drives. 

Why do you have to act a fool on America’ set?  Why don’t you use this opportunity to get your shid together b/c you haven’t exactly had a Herbie Fully Loaded in a while?

Keep that thang wrapped up!

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