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Performance Art At Its Best

I know it’s video and stills set to a Muse song called, “Butterflies and Hurricanes” but it almost feels like performance art because of the video direction.

For me, it represents sexiness, perversion, style, love, rebellion, violence, anarchy, and on and on. If I were a video maker, this might be what my video would look like. Have a look at the video and check out the photog’s site for more goodness.

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The Weave Has Landed – Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns

Watch Kim’s re-intro video for the upcoming second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m not yet sure how I feel about the new cast member, but there’s still enough crazy left to make it interesting.

Let’s all say this together, “Hot Mess!” After the jump, reacquaint yourself with Kim Zolciak. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Resigns – Watch the Video

What a wonderful gift to give us Americans, that is, until she figures out her next step in politics. Or will there not be one? Who knows.

But for now, it reminds me of, “Ding dong the witch is dead.”

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Kathy Griffin On Larry King Live – Hilarious!

As usual, she proves herself to be rapid-fire witty, especially when talking about Sarah Palin and that Levi Johnston or whatever his name is. We’ll forget it in a few days. Oh yeah, and she talks about Heidi and Spencer. 

Catch parts 2 and 3 after the jump. 

Continue reading

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Bruno Teabags Eminem At MTV Movie Awards

Fake or real? I think it’s fake, but it’s still funny as hell! Continue reading

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Obama, Huh?

Check out this great Rachel Maddow piece of President Obama’s new policy on terrorist detention. 

What do you think?

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American Idol Has A Bikini-Off

“Bikini Girl” and American Idol Judge Kara Dioblahblah have a duet of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love” and there’s a little surprise at the end. The video appears to have been taken from someone’s TV with the highest in technology, and the song was butchered by them both, although less-so by Kara. Clearly, “Bikini Girl” spent her 15-minutes of fame money on other things besides singing lessons, namely two old grapefruits stuffed inside of her chest. Thank God I’m gay. 

And with regards to the results, I have to say that while I think Adam is amazing and such a showman, I would be more apt to buy a Kris Allen record because I love the whole stripped-down folksy/bluesy kind of record.

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Saturday Night Live – Digital Short: Motherlover

Remember “Dick In A Box”? Well, here’s the sequel, special for Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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P!nk Hits The States – My Wish Has Been Granted

I’m so excited because P!nk is hitting the states with her “Funhouse” tour, and more importantly, she’s coming to Seattle. I’ve been wanting to see her FOREVER so I’m elated. 

Check here to see when she might be coming to your neighborhood. 

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Reason #1,287,344 That Adam Lambert Should Win American Idol

I mean, really. Should he even still be on there? Maybe they could just let him out of it to get going on the recording process. He can make any song his own and on this song, “If I Can’t Have You”, he actually does make it sound aching. I sound like Paula, minus the slurs. Enjoy!

And yes, you can buy the full video performance by clicking here

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New Transformers 2 Footage

Check it here!

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Free Vet Care In Spokane,WA – Truly Inspiring

What an amazing act of kindness on her part because you know, animals don’t have a choice in this economy, they don’t have any options but to be at the mercy of their owners. I applaud both the vet AND the pet owners for being committed to getting their animals the proper healthcare. I want to find out what Vet Clinic Dr. Tucker runs so I can post a link, does anyone know? 

Doctor Cathy Tucker spends her Wednesday’s at the Mission Free Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Tucker and four volunteers look over pets in the one-room clinic, providing care for pet owners who can’t always afford it.

“It’s close quarters but it works,” said Dr. Tucker.

They don’t have much to work with but every week, they manage to squeeze in 15 patients. Pet owners wait anxiously outside hoping to get an appointment.

“We got here an hour-and-a-half early and they were already lined up,” said one customer who identified himself as “David”.

The Mission Free Veterinary Clinic offers basic vaccinations, neutering of male cats, and treatment of minor infections and wounds.

“This clinic is very important because she helps you for a very low cost or for free,” said Penny Chenoweth about Dr. Tucker and the clinic.

Watch the video here, and here is yet another video.

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Watching A Robbery In Your House From Web Cam – Can You Imagine?

How terrifying (yet maybe somewhat satisfying) that you were able to stop such a thing? But I know that most people feel incredibly violated by such a horrific event, and I’m not sure if such imagery helps or hurts your long-term mental health.

On a semi-funny note, see how the cat(s) are just like, “Hey, what’s going on? How you doing? Get out of my damn way humans!” Hell, my animals would probably let them in and lick them while they’re stealing my Wii games. 

Check the video here

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David Alan Grier Is Now Neither Dancing Nor A Star

David Alan Grier, I think you might need to check yourself. You’re on a show to be judged and that’s the nature of that beast. After the jump, check out his kind words for his judges on “Dancing With The Stars” – bitterness is not particularly becoming.  Continue reading

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Mode After Hours-Big Package

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