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Yuck Mouth – Guess That Grill!

I’ll probably give it away with this clue, but here’s my favorite quote: “No Seth and Amy, they aren’t pot brownies, they’re cocaine brownies! What, What – Alright!”


Find out who it is at ohnotheydidnt!

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Here’s $300, Please Spawn No More!

crackabbay1Whitney & Amy albums aside, when is it a good idea to give a crack head $$$?  What if it was to convince them to participate in long-term contraception so they’ll avoid further reproduction?

Project Prevention in Tuscon, AZ has already worked with nearly 3,000 drug addicts who have each received $300 for exhange of their fertility. 

Possible Ethical Dilemma….?  What do you think?

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Like Looking Through A Yearbook…

I mean, she might be back soon and I wish her the best, but can we really ever let go of the hot mess known as Whitney and Bobby B. during the (alleged) crack days? Here’s the MADtv version of a Diane Sawyer interview – you just can’t get better than this.

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Apparently Crack Aint That Whack – Because Whitney’s Back!

To quote Maya R “What, What, Alright!” .

Good news, you too can go from Drab to Fab with just a few point and clicks:


Imagine my excitement when the Sizzling HG came out that Whitney was going to be part of Celebrity Big Brother!  Maybe that was a typo and they meant Celebrity Rehab, but either way is fine with me!  Who do I have to send my text msg to so Gary Busey can have a piece of that pie?

And you know Bobby B is going to chasing after the POV too!  Summer can’t come quick enough! Watch Out, Janelle!

Oh, and the other pic above is NOT Ol Crazy’s new album cover but damn, that’s a pretty good piece of fan art! 

Undefeated – The jury is still in sequester on that one!

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Watch Your 6 Tina Fey

Kristen Wiig is finally getting a well deserved piece of the spotlight, and a flattering spotlight it is!  As thrilled as I am to see Tina Fey all over NBC at any given time, Kristen’s stuff will one day be the skits that ‘E!’ uses to plug dead air spots like they do with the JT, Britney, and Shia shows of the past. 

Need Convincing – Check out Suzi Orman and/or Bjork

Too Bad Maya didn’t get to ride the wave – and it’s all Bobby B’s fault.

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