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If You Love Wii Fit…

You might very well love the next fitness release from Wii, it’s called EA Sports Active and it’s due to hit stores in March. The interactive fitness program is being developed with the help of Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer, Bob Greene, and other experts.ea-sports-active

“Lifestyle sports is becoming more and more important to that Wii consumer,” says EA Sports president Peter Moore. “It’s great for people who can’t get out to a gym or don’t feel quite comfortable going to a gym.”

The program ($60) has more than 20 exercises that work the upper and lower body (bicep curls, squats and lunges), as well as cardio (jogging in place with a virtual track on-screen). You can customize your workouts or let the virtual trainer create 20-minute daily workouts as part of a 30-day fitness challenge.

Two people can exercise simultaneously. Active comes with two Neoprene leg straps that hold the Wii remote during exercises, resistance bands and a nutritional booklet.

Active uses the Wii Fit board for some exercises (cardio boxing), but, Moore says, it’s “a very different exercise workout than what you are currently getting with the Wii Fit.”

Click here to watch the video. 


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Wii Fit and Wii Sports – Smack My B*tch Up

Enjoy this Flip video set to the music of Prodigy. 

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I was able to get the Wii Fit last week and so far, we all love it. I haven’t done the strength training yet, but I have explored many of the other games, primarily the yoga, balance exercises, and some cardio. Here I am doing the soccer game where you lean into the balls and try to avoid being hit with the shoes and the other ball-like animal thing. Of course, it’s your Wii friends that are kicking them at you. Some friends huh? 

Below is the video of me doing the Hula Hoop, and it’s actually kind of hard! You can do a more advanced version where you rotate your pelvis to the right and then to the left on the next round. Sorry about the motion sickness guys, I just wanted you to have a sense of what Wii Fit is like before you spend the dough. It’s important to note, these are just two of the exercises on the game.  


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