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Die Journalism, Die, Die!

I’m sure there’s some talent involved in thinking of your own impromptu questions in a time of semi chaos.  However, I’m not sure if I can rtruly give the people below the benefit of the doubt regarding their post Hudson River interviews.  The fuckery below list at least 8 ridonkulouos questions that made the day as reported by BWE:

8. “Dogs jump out of the way, deer jump out of the way — birds, obviously, can’t do that.” — Chris Matthews

7. “So you’re telling me there was more than one exit on the plane?” — Rick Sanchez

ny plane 2.jpg6. “Did you ever break down and start to cry out of happiness?” – Wolf Blitzer to a survivor

5. “Did this bring any memories, seeing a low-flying airplane?” – Lester Holt to a police officer of some kind.

4. “From what I understand, the sound of birds being sucked into an engine would be unmistakable” – Lester Holt

3. “You’re from Connecticut? Then what are you doing here?” — Random reporter to a female survivor, who clearly was there to catch a flight to Charlotte.

2. “Did it feel like a bird flew into the engine?” — Wolf Blitzy

1. WNBC Reporter: “What was the landing like?” Male Survivor: “Scary as sh*t.

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