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Daily Tune-Up: No Traffic Ahead

tuneupdailyThursday, July 9

When you do everything you can, when you push beyond what’s easy, when you move when you want to rest, the Light says, OK, “now he’s ready to receive!” And that’s when the miracles start popping.

Today, when you are about to call it a day, go a little further. Help a little more. Listen a little longer. Care a little deeper.

There’s no traffic in the extra mile — the Light clears the way for you.

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Daily Tune-Up: Maintain the High

tuneupdailyTuesday, June 30

Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and dips. Feels like it. But the deeper you go into spirituality and working on yourself, the more you realize, the highs are always there. It’s a matter of consciousness. Where are you focusing your thoughts?

At any given moment, you can find great and terrible. Choose to find the best today. Keep choosing. Soon, it’ll be highs all the time.

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Daily Tune-Up: What’d You Say

tuneupdailyFriday, June 26

Many of our conflicts come from miscommunication.

Today, don’t let things pass. If something doesn’t feel right, then bring it up. But don’t do it with the intention of proving the other person wrong. Do it with the intention of removing the space, and getting closer to the person.

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Daily Tune-Up: Sprinkle Some Light (working on this one)

tuneupdailySaturday, June 20

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I don’t like to complicate things. I like to keep it simple. When it comes to spirituality, it’s all about LIGHT and DARK.

When things are going haywire in our lives, or in the world, it’s because there is darkness. Or rather, not enough Light.

Today, remove the pockets of chaos from your life by revealing Light. It happens through restriction. Do something that is difficult. Against your nature. Out of the box. No strings attached.

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Daily Tune-Up: On Again, Off Again

tuneupdailyFriday, June 19

Does it feel hard to focus? Like you’re flipping back and forth, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. That’s the energy of this month. On again, off again. Hot and cold. Yes and no.

That can be frustrating, yet at the same time, it’s opposites that make a whole.

The lesson here is if we can be interested in both sides, if we can see the flipside of the coin, we can best harness the energy of this month.

Today, accept and be interested in both sides. This will make dealing with the contradiction in others — and inside — much easier.

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Daily Tune-Up: Break the Routine

tuneupdailyWednesday, June 17

Having a routine can sometimes keep you stuck. It’s a bit like riding an elevator that is going backwards. When we’re into our routine, we are stuck on that backwards moving elevator. What good does that do us? How do we break that cycle, how do we move forward?

Today, find a way to break your routines, to fight the pull of the escalator. In order to grow and transform spiritually we have to be constantly willing to change it up. 

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Daily Tune-Up: You Be You

tuneupdailyTuesday, June 16

Why are we so afraid of what people think of us? They’re going to judge us anyway, so we might as well be ourselves and let them think what they want.

Confront this fear today. Be yourself. Spill your truth. Let you be you.

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Daily Tune-Up: Better Than You

tuneupdailyTuesday, June 2

As the kabbalists have been teaching for thousands of years, fragmentation in the world is a reflection of the fragmentation between individuals. One of the ways our negative inclination sows seeds of separation in our minds and hearts is by convincing us we are superior to others.

The source of this is judgment.

Today, bring peace into your mind – and into the world – by examining the judgment you’re harboring towards someone you think you are “better than.” What fear/sadness/anger button are they pushing? Answer that and you’ll see this person in a whole new light…and seal up one more crack in the cosmos.

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Daily Tune-Up: Other People’s Happiness


Yesterday I wrote about removing hatred from our hearts. One of the ways to do this is to rejoice at other people’s happiness.

Is there a friend or relative you’re jealous of? Be happy for them instead.

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Daily Tune-Up: It’s About This

tuneupdailySaturday, May 9

You will have lots of opportunities to work on removing hatred from your heart today.

That’s good because a person who can’t open their heart to an enemy will never fully grasp what the study of Kabbalah is all about.

Is there someone in your life that you really can’t stand? Practice makes perfect.

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Daily Tune-Up: Burn The Paper

tuneupdaily8Friday, April 24 (yeah, it’s yesterday’s)

Here is a technique for banishing fear that comes from a great kabbalist who lived during the 16th century, Rav Isac Luria (The Ari, the Holy Lion.)

Light a candle and sit down with a pencil and a small piece of paper. Write down your fear on the paper, and meditate upon it. Summon forth the feelings and symptoms associated with the fear. Then write down all the emotions and feelings that this fear causes you. Acknowledge to yourself that your own reactive nature, from this life or a past life, is responsible for the manifestation of this fear.

Now take the paper and burn it!

Find time to do this today. Many people get great relief from this simple technique.

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Daily Tune-Up: Outside of Yourself

tuneupdaily7Thursday, April 23

According to Kabbalah, when you find yourself gripped by anxiety, you’re thinking only about yourself. Reactive behavior distances you from your soul, so perform a sharing action. Sharing connects you back to the 99%, and automatically the Light that flows from this realm displaces your fear just as a light bulb displaces darkness from a room.

Today, one way to deal with moments of fear and anxiety is to shift into sharing mode. Look for someone to help. Take an action outside yourself.

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Daily Tune-Up: Love In Return

tuneupdaily6Tuesday, April 21

” … an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth … ” – Exodus 

As an alternative to the conventional interpretation of retributive justice, The Zohar teaches that this famous biblical line is instructing us how energy works, ie., what you give is what you get.

Today, give Light and you’ll get Light. Or not. But know in advance that if you give pessimism, anger, hostility, and resentment, you’re certainly not going to get love and laughter in return.

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Daily Tune-Up: Doze Into OK


Saturday, April 18

I’m ok. And I’m sure you are too. Though you may have moments of your life when you feel less than ok, and occasionally more than ok, the general consensus is usually ok.

And I’m here to tell you that’s not ok. Complacency is one of our biggest enemies in our spiritual work.

Don’t let yourself doze into “OK” today.

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Daily Tune-Up: For Permanent Results


Wednesday, April 15

You’re stressed. The pressure has been building up for some time now. People avoid you for fear that you will bite them. What will it be? A valium? A temper tantrum?  A little depression?

Forget the temporary solutions.

For results that are permanent, understand that the pressure is the Light coming through – trying to at least.  There is something good waiting for you.  You just need to trust that there is a force steering you towards what’s best, and to surrender to it.

(And try smiling today too – it helps.)

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