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First Look: Britney and Madonna Performing Together

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Hot Gossip – Maybe….

What a day, What a day! I personally have a thing about celebrity couples who film together and then romp together.  Imagine my surprise when a pair of flick-floppers popped up on today’s messiness manifest!

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams – Its Over, Again!


In an article spotlighting Brad & Angelina, and opportunity arose for Angelina and I to finally agree upon something.  Forgive my out of context misquote but she certainly is ‘just a punk’!          (Harper’s Bizarre, Dec 2008)


It’s a relatively slow week given the week’s political excitement; certainly not the spiciest drama ever, but I’ll take what I can get.

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These Apples Are How Much?

Health Magazine has just released its list of the Top 10 Healthiest Supermarkets in America and guess who made the list? Take a jump to find out and go to Health.com to find out more interesting tidbits and tips. Continue reading

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Flying Soon…? Kinky!


Airline crew subdues passenger with duct tape!

CNN Story Highlights

  • Crew whips out duct tape after passenger fights with attendants & blind person
  • Why the duct tape? United crew says ankle cuffs kept slipping off the suspect  
  • (Scarcely Related, Unfortunately)
    Mile High Club How-To Tips:

    1. Take the red-eye
    2. Take advantage of airplane booze
    3. Don’t be shy
    4. Dole out the cash for a fancy flight – Mile High Atlanta is a charter-plane company that lets couples join the club for $379
    5. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

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    ‘Top Chef’ Is About To Be Served Up

    top-chefBravo’s Top Chef Season 5 is about to begin on November 12 and here are the newest competitors along with the judges. After the jump, meet them. Continue reading

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    Like Looking Through A Yearbook…

    I mean, she might be back soon and I wish her the best, but can we really ever let go of the hot mess known as Whitney and Bobby B. during the (alleged) crack days? Here’s the MADtv version of a Diane Sawyer interview – you just can’t get better than this.

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    Britney Shows Us Her “Human Nature”

    While we’re on the topic of the Madonna concert in L.A. tonight, here’s the video backdrop that I mentioned earlier…the very end is actually pretty cool.

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    Apparently Crack Aint That Whack – Because Whitney’s Back!

    To quote Maya R “What, What, Alright!” .

    Good news, you too can go from Drab to Fab with just a few point and clicks:


    Imagine my excitement when the Sizzling HG came out that Whitney was going to be part of Celebrity Big Brother!  Maybe that was a typo and they meant Celebrity Rehab, but either way is fine with me!  Who do I have to send my text msg to so Gary Busey can have a piece of that pie?

    And you know Bobby B is going to chasing after the POV too!  Summer can’t come quick enough! Watch Out, Janelle!

    Oh, and the other pic above is NOT Ol Crazy’s new album cover but damn, that’s a pretty good piece of fan art! 

    Undefeated – The jury is still in sequester on that one!

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    Madonna, Britney, and Justin, Oh My! – Update

    madonna-sticky-and-sweet1  britney-spears  justin-t

    Update #2: Apparently Britney and Madonna will be singing “Gimme More” together. 

    Update: According to X17 and even TMZ, Britney is now at the venue, Dodger Stadium. I feel like a freakin’ reporter, but anyway, there are rumors that Justin will duet on “4 Minutes” and Britney on “Human Nature”, and you probably already know she’s in the video backdrop for that song. 

    Madonna brings her Sticky and Sweet tour to the only stop in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium. Well, according to Ryan Seacrest, Britney and Justin will be joining her on stage in some capacity. Could be interesting eh?

    Here are my only requests: 

    1. Justin, please perform shirtless – bonus points for pantless.
    2. Britney, please please please sing live, we didn’t fall in love with you for your amazing voice.
    3. Madonna, please do something spontaneous and step away from the machine. Would a impromptu 3-way be out of the question? I jest, I jest (kind of). 

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    What Do You Know About Game?

    Straight from the Playa’s Handbook, this broadcaster has All The Game!

    Vodpod videos no longer available.


    Revisit the original playa’s transcript after the jump.

    Continue reading

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    You Gotta Play To Win

    Thomas Baldwin is making a $5,000 bet that Barack Obama’s election will lead to prosperity.

    Baldwin, a 67-year-old Birch Bay retiree, on Wednesday bought 10,000 copies of The Bellingham Herald’s election wrap-up edition. The front page shows the Democratic president-elect smiling and waving, with the headline “Obama wins.”

    At 50 cents a copy, it cost Baldwin $5,000. But he thinks he some day could net a profit. (source)

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    If You Scare Easily…

    Don’t click on the gift, your retinas might burn! I’ve warned you!


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    Quantum of Hotness, Er, I Mean Solace

    The new James Bond flick (Quantum of Solace) is coming out in just a few weeks, Nov. 14 to be exact. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a site that compiles reviews and aggregates them accordingly, this should be a good one. And good news for many of you out there, Daniel Craig does appear shirtless in this one too, doing his steely, stone-cold-in-the-eyes action stuff.


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    You May Have A Drug Problem If….

    42-18830757You may have a slight drug problem if you’re arrested for stealing eight piggy banks holding over $2700 in loose change.  When times are tough, stupid crimes are surely to increase!

    What would I do first with that kind of jingle?

    Lots of slots
    Order pizza delivered to the closest Coinstar
    Glue a trail of them to the sidewalk
    Pay my rent in socks stuffed with $25 each

    How would you spend your pocket sagging fortune?

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    Quiz Time: American English

    question-markWhich kind of American English do you speak? Click here to take this short quiz. I want to know your results.

    Keep reading if you’re interested in mine! Continue reading

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